ISSN: 14764504
Online ISSN: 20401388
First published in 2003
2 issues per volume
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Volume 11 / Issue 2 Free Issue
Volume: 8 | Issue: 1
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The Radio Journal: International Studies in Broadcast and Audio Media
is designed for all those interested in research into the production, reception, texts and contexts of radio and audio media. This includes all structures, forms and genres of radio broadcasting and also embraces net distribution and audio streaming of radio services and texts, CD-ROMs, books-on-tape, and sound art.

The journal welcomes individual contributions from established and new scholars, including work and research in progress. Critical approaches are invited from a range of scholarly disciplines across the humanities and social sciences. Joint and/or inter-disciplinary submissions are also encouraged. Original work on practice and production in the radio industries is as welcome as theory formation. Pedagogical issues will be covered in an annual feature on the teaching of radio studies.

Scholars around the world researching in radio are invited to submit original articles of between 4-6,000 words. The Journal will also publish book reviews, conference reports, occasional viewpoint essays on current debates, and news of web-based radio and archive sources for research.

Subjects the Journal aims to cover include

  • Theories and practices of contemporary radio
  • ( local, national or international), community, state or public service, non-profit-making or commercial, broadcast or streamed in any country or language
  • Radio histories and futures
  • Content or textual analyses of radio or audio media
  • Radio talk
  • Radio drama
  • Radio news and entertainment
  • Radio advertising
  • Radio art
  • Music radio and the music business
  • Radio audiences
  • Gender, race, class, sexuality and the radio
  • Theories of listening and the audible world
  • Radio, education and democracy in the developing world
  • Audio books
  • Audio texts on the internet and CDrom
  • Technologies and cultures of internet audio streaming
  • Digital radio systems, regulation and competition
  • Radio and digital convergence
  • New wireless telephony
  • Radio and globalisation
  • Cross-media and cross-cultural comparisons

Notes, References and Bibliography

The Radio Journal's main system of referencing is by the Harvard system of included or (name, date) references. There can in addition be numbered endnotes which will appear at the side of the appropriate page (although the numerical sequence runs throughout the article), but these should be kept to an absolute minimum, and normally only used for reference to sources not in the published or public domain (such as personal interviews and archives), or for further brief context or necessary comment. However, if radio broadcasts under discussion in your contribution have been published commercially, or remain permanently available on a broadcaster's web-based online archive, please include them in your included references and end list of references, referenced in the text in the usual Harvard manner (i.e. title of show italicised, date). But, to confirm, if any radio broadcasts you wish to cite are: not available in any of these ways; lost in the past; or were transmitted live and never recorded; or exist in recorded form only in an archive, please do not include them in your references, but reference by numbered notes only. If a recording exists only in your personal archive, please say so ('personal archive'). All numbered endnotes should be identified by a superscript numeral. See practice employed in this number for detailed guidance on referencing types of sources. Marginal note or end list of references citation of radio broadcasts should adhere wherever possible to the following format: title of programme as printed in schedules or listings [italicised] (year of broadcast), name of broadcasting organisation, area the broadcast covered, day and date of broadcast, local time of broadcast [for example: Letter from America (2002), BBC Radio 4, UK, Friday 22 November, 8.45-9pm]. For subsequent references to the same broadcast in the numbered notes, title and 'op. cit' are sufficient; for further editions of the same programme in the numbered notes, title, op. cit, and the different date of broadcast. A list of references must be included with all main article contributions.

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