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With its change of editorship, the Journal of Media Practice is taking a new direction.

The vision for this new era of the Journal of Media Practice is to transform the Journal into an international forum for debate on media practice, both within and outside of academia. The Editor is looking to have an international and inclusive contributory base, with work submitted by academics in the media field, academics in other fields (history, anthropology, sociology, politics, architecture, etc.), journalists, media practitioners, artists, festival directors, film critics, and workers in cultural fields.

The journal adopts a multi-disciplinary approach, and is geared towards paying more attention to changes in the media landscape, in terms of media practices, technologies and audiences. Changing media practices include, for example, changes in distribution, the relationship between digital technology and film practice, and the forums in which practice is discussed, as academic discussions of media practice now occur both inside and outside places of education.

Changes in technologies include the complementation of “traditional” media, genres and their uses with new participatory ones (like YouTube and ipods). Changes in audiences refer to, for instance, the relationship between people and media: how people not only watch but also make media products and where and how they talk about them.

The rapidly expanding field of media practitioners is helping create forms that change the way we understand the story.  While traditional story forms continue to dominate the mainstream, new technologies are enabling people to experiment as never before.  Alongside the work of a generation of skilled media students are grassroots organisations inspired by stories in their locality or wider concerns that might have global reach.  Interactive game-playing and multiple-level narratives are only two of the ways in which our understanding of story-form is being re-thought.

We are also now witnessing more collaboration between the academic world and the professional world. The Journal is the ideal medium for the dissemination of work funded by such collaborations. The Editor invites submissions to the Journal that provide an interesting combination of topics covering a range of practices as well as approaches. Submissions on policy, “industry” (or sites of practice), creative practice, aesthetics, pedagogy and critiques of the range of what can be called media” are welcome.

If you would like to submit an article then please send it to the editor, Professor Gareth Palmer, University of Salford:

Articles should be between 6-8,000 words in length, or 3-5,000 for short articles and 1-2,000 words for reports, reviews or interviews.

Open submissions for later issues are also welcomed. Please send these and any enquires about submissions to Professor Gareth Palmer:

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