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Volume: 12 | Issue: 1
Editorial & Advisory Boards
Stig Hjarvard
University of Copenhagen
Stig Hjarvard is Professor, Section for Film and Media Studies, University of Copenhagen. Among his research interests are media history, news and politics, globalization, media and religion, and mediatization theory. Publications in English include "News in a Globalized Society" (editor, 2001), "Media in a Globalized Society" (editor, 2003), and "The Mediatization of Society" (Nordicom Review, 2008). He is currently doing research on the transformation of journalism and newspapers.

Associate Editors
Gunhild Agger, University of Aalborg

Göran Bolin, Södertörn University

Torben Grodal, University of Copenhagen

Jens Hoff, University of Copenhagen

Anne Jerslev, University of Copenhagen

Eli Skogerbø, University of Oslo

Corresponding Editors
Espen Aarseth, ITU
Daniel Biltereyst, Ghent University
Edward Branigan, University of California
John Corner, University of Liverpool
John Ellis, Royal Holloway University of London
Johan Fornäs, Södertörn University
Jostein Gripsrud, Bergen University
Andrew Higson, University of East Anglia
Mette Hjort, Lingnan University
Dina Iordanova, University of St. Andrews

Steve Jones, University of Illinois

Risto Kunelius, University of Tampere
Sonia Livingstone, London School of Economics
Lars Lundsten, Arcadia University of Applied Science
Ulrike Meinhof, University of Southhampton,
Giuliana Muscio, University of Palermo
Janet Murray, Georgia Institute of Technology
Horace Newcomb, University of Georgia
Roger Odin, L’Université de Paris 3
Dominique Pasquier, CEMS
Murray Smith, University of Kent
Trine Syvertsen, Oslo University
William Urrichio, MIT
Lennart Weibull, University of Gothenburg

Eva Warth, University of Bochum 

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