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Aims and Scope

In the years since the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the political changes of 1989/90, there has been a growing interest in the cinemas of the former countries of the Eastern Bloc. This increasing engagement with an important, innovative and influential regional cinema is clearly demonstrated by the growth in titles published on East European film topics, the number of conferences devoted to this and related topics, and courses taught at Universities in the UK, North America and elsewhere. Where previously the specialists in the cinemas of the region could be counted on one hand in a particular country, this is no longer the case. There is a growing community of scholars, including a number of students working for post-graduate qualifications, who are engaged with film but also media, culture, and art (of one form or another) from the region. This is not a community existing on the margins of academia but one which is nationally and internationally recognised for the centrality and high quality of its scholarship.

A major spur to the expansion of this community is the, by now, almost standard use of English within the field, meaning that scholars in the non-English speaking world are as much a part of this community as are their equivalents in London, New York, Toronto or Sydney. Importantly, this also means that scholars in the East European countries themselves are also participating in the debates and discussions that have developed in recent years and are travelling widely to engage in the development of the field. In the space of about 18 years the entire academic landscape of Eastern European cinema studies has changed enormously. This is now a dynamic, highly reputable, extremely active and productive community and one which is growing in importance all the time

Studies in Eastern European Cinema is intended to serve this community, to provide a platform and forum for vigorous, high quality discussion, debate, correspondence and publication. The scope of the journal is intended to be flexible and inclusive and will cover the countries of Eastern Europe which are defined as Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Romania, the countries of the former Yugoslavia, Albania and Ukraine. Primarily, the journal is intended to provide a dynamic, innovative, regular, specialised peer-reviewed academic outlet and discursive focus for the world-wide community of Eastern European film scholars, edited by a board of experienced, internationally recognised experts in the field. At the moment no such journal exists, certainly not one appearing on a regular basis, either in printed or electronic format. This, along with the encouragement and attainment of scholarly excellence, constitutes the raison d’etre for the current proposal.

The journal will engage with the cinemas of Eastern Europe both as various individual national cinemas and as a regional cinema. The word ‘cinema’ is chosen in preference to ‘film’ and covers all aspects of film culture (regional, national and transnational), production, distribution, consumption and analysis. Breaking this down further, topics of interest would include:
● Theoretical discussions of ideology (pre-Communist, Communist and free-market), gender issues, minority representations (Jews, Gypsies and others), ethnic issues, genre, uses of realism/fantasy, concepts of national/regional cinema, etc.
● Historical topics including publication of archival material
● Industrial developments including the shift towards co-productions, international and transnational filmmaking
● Translations of articles by prominent scholars from the region
● Discussion and analysis of fiction films but also documentary, animation (particularly strong from this region) and avant-garde film
● Book, film and DVD reviews
● Reports of Film Festivals (Karlovy Vary, Budapest, Gdansk, Tallin etc) and conferences
● Correspondence and discussion page(s)


Please send a 300-word English language abstract and any requests for information to the editors, Ewa Mazierska and Michael Goddard

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