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Call for Papers: Sexuality and Scandinavian Cinema
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During the decades following World War II Scandinavian cinema became internationally (in-)famous for nudity and explicit representations of sex. Films like One Summer of Happiness in the 1950s, I am Curious – Yellow in the 1960s, and eventually Danish and Swedish pornography in the 1970s put Scandinavia on the map as a region of sexual freedom – a reputation still present in national stereotypes. Still, ‘Sexuality and Scandinavian Cinema’ remains an understudied area within both Scandinavian and international film research. With this special issue of Journal of Scandinavian Cinema we wish to explore not only these particular moments of increasing sexual freedom in Scandinavian cinema's history, but also this period’s legacy in contemporary Scandinavian films, as well as its antecedents. We also wish to highlight the presence — or at times the virtual absence — of various forms of sexuality.
Many topics and approaches deserve attention. We especially, but not exclusively, encourage contributions that examine the following:
  • Analyses focusing on developments in Scandinavian cinema before, during, and after the ‘sexual revolution’
  • Comparisons between or among the various Scandinavian cinemas, as well as between or among Scandinavian and other film cultures
  • Explorations of the reception given sexually explicit Scandinavian films abroad and at home
  • Discussions of genres and modes, e.g., the relationships or value hierarchies between or among art films, exploitation films, educational films, popular genre films, documentary, pornography, experimental films, and animation
  • Feminist and queer appraisals of makers, texts, audiences, and exhibition venues
  • Studies of actors, directors, producers, designers, editors, and stars
  • Inquiries into censorship and legislation, as well as studies of informal norms governing sexual representation
  • Considerations of production, distribution, and exhibition models, including co-productions, international markets, specialized festivals, and so on
We look forward to learning more about particular films, specific cycles, and individual personnel working within Scandinavian cinema, but we ask contributors to keep in mind that this special issue simultaneously targets an international readership. Priority will therefore be given to contributions that position specific subjects within broader theoretical and methodological frameworks and/or within wider regional or international contexts.

Please submit an abstract of 250-300 words for Short Subjects (2000 words) or Feature Articles (6000 words) before 15 September 2014 to the Special Issue editors, Elisabet Björklund ( and Chris Holmlund ( Final submissions are due on 1 February 2015. Only submissions that follow Journal of Scandinavian Cinema’s Notes for Contributors will be accepted.

For general information or questions regarding Journal of Scandinavian Cinema, please contact primary editor Anders Marklund (, editors Andrew Nestingen, Gunnar Iversen and Casper Tybjerg, or managing editor Rochelle Wright.

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