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Punk & Post-Punk serves the international academic, industry and journalistic communities engaged with punk and post-punk culture. It explores the concepts of 'alternative' and 'independent' established during the heady days of the punk rock explosion and developed through the ensuing post-punk era. Punk and post-punk music are often ranked among the most significant popular culture phenomena of the last forty years, exerting a continued influence that is difficult to overstate. Complementing the journal’s historical focus, therefore, is a prominent contemporary aspect. This considers how punk and post-punk’s ethos and aesthetic are absorbed into the present and projected into the future.

While music serves as a lens through which to view core themes of creativity, iconography, performance, heritage, and political and cultural engagement, Punk & Post-Punk boasts an extensive inter-disciplinary framework. Indeed, the journal strives to explore ways in which radical ideas rooted in the music are manifest in film and television, literature, journalism, theatre, fine art, dance, stand-up comedy, fashion, graphic design and the new media.

A recent surge in interest within academic communities mirrors the wider fascination that has transformed punk and its progeny into a significant cultural industry. However, layered complexities are often reduced to a misleadingly simple linear narrative. One reason for this distortion is the almost complete absence of professional overlap and collaboration. In keeping with its cross-industry scope and appeal, Punk & Post-Punk invites contributions from key performative, journalistic and industry figures, as well as the more usual academic contingent. This publication fills a conspicuous void by providing a ‘home’ for a burgeoning and multi-faceted community.

Punk and post-punk musical styles drew on political and critical theoretical debate, just as they plundered and re-contextualised the manifestos and aesthetics of modern and post-modernist art movements. This eclecticism is reflected in the scope of a remarkable legacy. By considering aspects of cultural inheritance as a long-term and on-going concern, the journal also seeks to develop an international and inter-generational response to punk and post-punk’s influence and resonance.

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