ISSN: 16516826
Online ISSN: 20403801
First published in 1973
4 Issues per volume
Volume 7 Issue 4
Cover Date: August 2009
Price: £6
Editorial Issue 40 Hong Kong cinema since 1997
Authors:  Sarah Perks 
Page Start: 4
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Editorial Issue 41
Authors:  Daniel Lindvall 
Page Start: 4
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Hong Kong cinema since 1997: troughs and peaks
Authors:  Andrew Willis 
Page Start: 6
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From Wah Dee to CEO: Andy Lau and performing the authentic Hong Kong star
Authors:  Leung Wing-Fai 
Page Start: 19
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Another week, another Johnnie To film: the marketing and distribution of postcolonial Hong Kong action cinema
Authors:  Daniel Martin 
Page Start: 30
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Age of independents: new Hong Kong film and video
Authors:  Teresa Kwong Pui-see 
Page Start: 40
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Visible secrets: Hong Kong's women film-makers
Authors:  Sarah Perks 
Page Start: 48
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DVD Reviews
Authors:  Evans Chan And  Todd Berliner And  Paul Douglas 
Page Start: 58
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Book Reviews
Authors:  Michael Coyne And  Mark Bould And  David Sterritt And  Kristi McKim And  Ken Provencher And  Colin Tait 
Page Start: 73
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Film Reviews
Authors:  Ethan de Seife 
Page Start: 90
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Around the Circuit
Authors:  Jan Lumholdt 
Page Start: 93
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Film International 41: ‘Baghdad Bad’ and Belgian brothers
Page Start: 98
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