ISSN: 17503159
Online ISSN: 17503167
First published in 2007
3 Issues per volume
Volume 5 Issue 2
Cover Date: August 2011
Price: £12
Authors:  Dominic Symonds And  George Burrows 
Page Start: 131
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Encores! and the downsizing of the classic American musical
Authors:  Garrett Eisler 
Page Start: 133
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‘We Said We Wouldn’t Look Back’: Utopia and the backward glance in Dorothy Reynolds and Julian Slade’s Salad Days
Authors:  Siân Adiseshiah 
Page Start: 149
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Is life a cabaret? Cabaret and its sources in reality and the imagination
Authors:  Geoffrey Block 
Page Start: 163
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Signifying Beijing: Legitimizing innovation in the Chinese jingju play Camel Xiangzi
Authors:  Megan Evans 
Page Start: 181
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‘No day but today’: Queer temporality in Rent
Authors:  Sarah Taylor Ellis 
Page Start: 195
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Authors:  Peter Purin And  Kristin Stultz And  Bud Coleman And  Ben Winters 
Page Start: 209
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