30th anniversary

In March 1986 Intellect published its first journal, Artificial Intelligence Review. Now publishing over 90 journals and over 600 books, this year we are celebrating thirty years of publishing. To commemorate this anniversary, and celebrate 30 years of original thinking, in each month of 2016 we will be delving into our book and journal archives and giving away one piece of ground-breaking research for free! We will also be publishing interviews with our community and our staff, sharing classic cover designs and producing a special issue of Intellect’s magazine, IQ.

Intellect started as a hobby for founder Masoud Yazdani while he was a lecturer in Media Computing at Exeter University. In those early days, Intellect operated out of his spare bedroom, where envelopes were stuffed with journals and posted to subscribers. From those small beginnings, Masoud's intelligence, creativity and energy transformed Intellect. His aim was always to create space for new currents of discourse – be that comics, craft or choreography, film, fashion or fandom, illustration, Indian theatre or Iberian studies – and that is as true in 2016 as it was thirty years ago. Now there are 25 of us, working from our offices in Bristol. These days – thanks to robust distribution agreements with The University of Chicago Press and Turpin – we stuff less envelopes but we are just as committed to new and emerging ideas and discourse.

For thirty years, we have had the immense privilege of supporting some of the most exciting peer-reviewed research in culture, media and the arts. We are constantly amazed by the quality, breadth, and originality that our authors bring to Intellects’ publications. We hope that you will join us in celebrating their efforts and this special anniversary.


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24th February 2017
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22nd February 2017
Theatre for Children in Hospital featured in Lancaster University Steps Magazine
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21st February 2017
New issue of Philosophy of Photography 7.1-2
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