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Intellect published its first journal in 1986, its first books in 1989 and first e-books in 1999. In 2011 we have begun publishing our books for various e-readers in the EPUB format available through the Amazon Kindle and Apple iTunes stores.

In addition we believe that there are a number of publishing projects that are better suited to being made into independent apps where the design element of the page can be better represented.

On January 28th 2011 we released our first app for the iPad and plan to follow it up with a number of others for iPhone, iPad and android-based alternatives. If you have a publishing project that you feel is better suited to mobile devices we would be pleased to hear from you. Initial enquiries should be addressed to Masoud Yazdani (



To reinforce Intellect’s commitment to increasing the accessibility of our journal catalogue, e-journals now offers individuals the opportunity to access Intellect journals online from around the globe. Built for use on tablet devices e-journals can also be accessed on any Internet browser anywhere, and subscriptions and free issues can be purchased and viewed by registering for free online.

For a limited time only, Intellect is offering full access to all back issues with each purchase of a journal subscription. For more details on subscribing and registering, visit


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