Memefest International Festival of Socially Responsive Communication and Art 2014
Friendly Competition Brief
Dialogue is tirelessly presented as ‘the’ solution to the problems of ‘our’ times – in art, design, war, love, democracy and even in the workplace! But what if dialogue is not working?
Memefest invites you to submit your critical interventions on the theme RADICAL INTIMACIES: DIALOGUE IN OUR TIMES.
We’re asking for honest explorations of the complicated failures and the hopeful potentialities that feed our faith in dialogue – politically, creatively, laboriously and intimately.
Friendly competition categories: Visual communication practice, Critical writing and Participatory art.
Our curatorial and editorial board of distinguished critical thinkers, educators, researchers, activists and professionals, will evaluate your works. Authors of selected works will be awarded with the Memefest/Swinburne Award for Imaginative Critical Interventions.
Read the whole brief at:
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On 1 September at Venice Days, presentation of the Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies.
Flavia Laviosa, founder and director of the journal, and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Italian Studies and in the Cinema and Media Studies Program at Wellesley College, USA, will present of Monday 1 September at 15.30, at Villa degli Autori, the Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies, published by Intellect (UK) and in particular two themed issues, on the intersections between Italian and Chinese cinemas, published in 2014.
Will also be present: Giuliano Montaldo, Maurizio Sciarra and Silvia Scola.
Moderator: Antonio Falduto
The objective: to present the aims and scopes of the Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies, an academic publication which intends to broaden the critical horizons of Italian cinema with a translational and transnational perspective. The two special issues on the aesthetic dialogue between Italy and China comprise articles on the historical and artistic exchanges between the two cinematic worlds. These contributions and others published in the journal explore Italian cinema as a geo-cultural bridge and a spatio-temporal springboard for multiple and complex destinations that interconnect Italian cinema with other world cinemas.
Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies, with an editorial board of renowned scholars from the best universities in the world, publishes articles, interviews, book and film reviews, biographies of independent filmmakers, conferences and film festivals reports. The power point presentation will illustrate the journal’s themes, theoretical framework and new critical directions.
The event is sponsored by Wellesley College.


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Havana Street Style Launch

Intellect and The Cuban, Bristol are delighted to invite you to the launch of Havana Street Style.

Thursday, 11th September 7pm-10pm

The Cuban, Unit 2, Building 11, Harbourside, Bristol, BS1 5SZ

Havana Street Style is the first book that explores the relationship between culture, city and street fashion in Cuba's vibrant capital. The book documents a unique street style that few in the rest of the world have yet experienced and is a visual celebration of an emerging fashion capital in the throes of profound economic and cultural changes.

Join the book's editor Gabriel Solomons and photographer Martin Tompkins at The Cuban, on 11th September from 7-10pm for Cuban food, live music, and a chance to pick up a copy of the book at a special discounted launch price.

RSVP to by Sept 1st. 

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Some Wear Leather, Some Wear Lace Launch events
Launch events in New York and September

The authors of forthcoming Intellect title Some Wear Leather, Some Wear Lace: A Worldwide Compendium of Postpunk and Goth have organised two very cool launches in two very unique cities, Berlin and New York.

The attractive coffee table book is chock-full of original photos from the postpunk and goth era. This is a book about the music, the individual, and the creativity of a worldwide community and this will be reflected in the two event which have been orgnised to celebrate its release.

The first event is a panel on Saturday 6th September at Rough Trade in New York. For more information visit their website here.

The event in Berlin is on 19th September and will include DJs and live bands, as well as copies of the book for sale. For more information visit their Facebook page.

Terrific photographs, a wide range of interviews, and an international perspective on the goth phenomenon make this an original contribution to the field of subcultural studies – Valerie Steele, author of Gothic: Dark Glamour

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Imagining the TV Studio: Experimental Histories and Futures. An illustrated lecture by Maeve Connolly
Wednesday 20th August, 3-5pm

Presented by BBC ARTS and LUX SCOTLAND

Viewing Theatre, BBC Scotland

40 Pacific Quay, Glasgow, G51 1DA

In recent years, the TV studio has figured prominently in contemporary art, whether used as a shooting location, repurposed as an exhibition space or restaged within the gallery, in works by Gerard Byrne, Celine Condorelli, Michelle Deignan and Olivia Plender, among others. Maeve Connolly’s talk examines why and how the meaning of the TV studio has changed since the 1970s, addressing its initial importance as a space of imagined experimentation, in the work of artists such as Peter Donebauer, John Hoppy Hopkins, Otto Piene, Aldo Tambellini and Stan VanDerBeek, and also exploring its future as a potential context and setting for collaboration.

Click here for booking information.

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LADA Kickstarter Campaign
The Only Way Home Is Through the Show

The Live Art Development Agency, who co-publishes the Intellect Live series, has started a Kickstarter in support of their forthcoming book, The Only Way Home is Through the Show: The Performance Work of Lois Weaver.

Lois Weaver is one of the most important feminist and lesbian performance makers of the 20th and 21st centuries. This major publication is the first ever book about her work and her life.

LADA is inviting contributions to the making of this book, to help them produce the best possible record of Lois’s life and work, featuring as many wonderful and often previously unpublished photographs they can.

The book will be published in September 2015 as part of the series Intellect Live, co-produced by the Live Art Development Agency (LADA) and Intellect.

This crowdfunding campaign offers you the opportunity to support this book project – and to receive credit for doing so, plus perks. The funds will be used to enhance the book visually, allowing LADA and Intellect to include many more photographs, to achieve the quality of production that Lois’s life and works deserve, and to create a beautiful object for her fans and admirers to cherish. Co-publishers Intellect and LADA are financially supporting the book, but your contribution will help us produce an even better book, with higher production values and more images than would otherwise be possible.

To learn more about the book and find out how you can help to make the book the best it possibly can be click here.

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Intellect attending AATE 2014 in Denver
July 30th - August 3rd 2014

Intellect is pleased to be attending AATE (American Alliance for Theatre & Education) conference in Denver in July 2014. While there Intellect's representative, Alice Gillam, will be showcasing Intellect's performing arts portfolio, including the newest books in our Theatre in Education series, The Reflexive Teaching Artist and The Student Actor Prepares.
We have arranged a meet the authors event on Saturday, August 2nd at 5:30pm. In attendance will be Kathryn Dawson and Daniel A. Kelin (The Reflexive Teaching Artist), Joan Lazarus (Signs of Change) and Jo Beth Gonzalez (Temporary Stages II). Books from the Theatre in Education series will be available for purchase at discounted rates at the event.
We are also very pleased to announce that Applied Drama, by Monica Prendergast and Juliana Saxton, has won the AATE Distinguished Book Award 2014. Copies of both Applied Drama and Applied Theatre will be available to buy at the conference.

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Call for Papers
Performing Ethos: ‘Performing Ecos’


Contributions are invited for a special themed peer-reviewed journal issue of Performing Ethos



Guest editors: Bronwyn Preece (Independent Artist/Scholar), Jess Allen (University of Manchester) and Stephen Bottoms (University of Manchester)
Global climate change is catalysing an examination of ecological ethics: humanity’s continuing failure to respond meaningfully to the impending environmental crisis has been characterized by philosopher Stephen M. Gardiner as a ‘perfect moral storm’ (2011). How are these ethical imperatives currently being addressed through, or as, performance? This edition aims to examine critically how ecological ethics and ethos may be supporting and challenging the current range of practices.
‘Performing Ecos’ will be an international interrogation of where the dynamic interdisciplinary field now situates itself in relation to Una Chaudhuri’s provocative and catalysing 1994 statement that Western theatre, being humanist-centred, is largely anti-ecological. Chaudhuri’s article, one of the first to acknowledge this philosophical dilemma, has been pivotal in stimulating both critical and performance responses from a wide range of scholarly perspectives. This special themed journal will be among the first specifically to unpack and foreground the ethos and ethics that now underpin performance and/as ecology. The journal will be published in Autumn 2015, and seeks to collate an international response to the following questions:
·      How are contemporary performance practices being critically challenged by an ecological ethos? How does ‘ecology’ challenge how performance theorists think about ‘ethics’?
·      How is ecological performance resisting - or further entrenching - binaries between rural/urban, nature/culture, metaphor/material, local/global?
·      What are the ethics of framing climate change and other geophysical processes in terms of performance? (e.g. Kershaw 2012)
·      How are indigenous voices and values being incorporated or appropriated through ecological performance? Are our ‘ethics’ being conceived and scribed with the same multivocality that they espouse?
·      Is ecological performance cultivating, reinforcing or challenging a gendered aesthetic?
·      How do the aesthetics of ecological performance differ across practices (ecocritical, site-specific, activist) and across continents?
Contributors are invited to consider the above questions in practice-based contexts, as well as in theoretical and philosophical terms. We are inviting contributions in a diversity of presentation formats, from formal papers to artists’ pages. Articles should be between 5000-7000 words (Artist Pages do not necessarily need to conform to this designation). Accompanying photographs are encouraged.
Please send a 300-500 word abstract by 15 August 2014 to Bronwyn Preece: Please include a 100-word biographical statement with your submission. Selected submissions will be due by 31 October 2014, and final drafts will be selected at the end of May 2015. Performing Ethos uses the Harvard citation style.
Submissions must comply with the Intellect Journal Style Guide, view it here
Performing Ethos is a refereed, interdisciplinary journal which considers ethical questions relating to contemporary theatre and live performance. Global in scope, it provides a unique forum for rigorous scholarship and serious reflection on the ethical dimensions of a wide range of performance practices from the politically and aesthetically radical to the mainstream.
Performing Ethos: ‘Performing Ecos’ will include book reviews. Additionally, this special issue will include a centre-spread, which will include a 100-word reflective response from contributors to the same question: what is YOUR ethic of performance and/as ecology?
Chaudhuri, U. (1994), ‘There Must be A Lot of Fish in that Lake: Toward an Ecological Theater’, Theater, 25: 1, pp. 23-31.
Gardiner, S. (2011), A Perfect Storm: The Ethical Tragedy of Climate Change,New York: OUP.
Kershaw, B. (2012), ‘‘This is the Way the World Ends, Not…?’ On Performance Compulsion and Climate Change’, Performance Research, 17: 4, pp. 5-17.


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Call for Papers and Contributions
Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices Issue 8.1, Embodiment, Interactivity and Digital Performance (published March, 2016)

Edited by Tamara Ashley with Rachel Cherry and Luke Pell

Deadline for Proposals: 1st December 2014
Deadline for Full Papers: 30th March 2015
Proposal Submissions: Please include title, abstract/description of contribution (250-500 words), keywords and bibliography. In another document, please include author’s name and affiliation, biography (200 words), postal and email address. Please submit in Word format.
The special issue on Embodiment, Interactivity and Digital Performance explores questions, dialogues and themes emerging from the 2014 dancedigital Festival. Becoming more pervasive and diverse, digital dance practices propose new understandings of embodiment in which the practitioner negotiates a complex configuration of individual biological, experiential, social and technological data. What might be somatic experiences of these flows of information and energy that occur between and through the biological, experiential, social and the technological? Additionally, digital dance practices can encourage a mobility of collaborations across the disciplines that bring together the expertise, vision and innovation of artists, technologists, scientists and users in the creation of new art works.
We invite scholarly and artistic contributions to an exciting issue that will explore these discourses of embodiment, somatic experiences and the feeling of what happens in movement practices in a wide range of digital and interactive performance contexts.
Contributions might address the following questions and sub-themes of investigation:

Embodying Interactive Systems: Interactive stages create design systems that choreograph bodies, light and sound. How do these configure the embodied experiences of the dancer and the choices of the choreographer? What ways of knowing emerge from performance thinking and technological thinking?

Augmented reality and embodying public space: Sensory technologies have the potential to re-organise and re-invent our experiences of the public space.  The city can be re-configured as a play space of multiple reactive surfaces, textures and sounds that transform experiences of mobility and ambulation in time, space and body.

Audience Experiences of Embodiment: Interactive designs have the potential to engage audiences in new ways, sometimes incidentally, sometimes by invitation and sometimes by intervention. How do performance makers understand the role of the audience?

Changing Mobilities: How are new movement spaces of access and participation opened by the harnessing of digital technologies? How does the social create access to movement and participation in digital practices?  What modes of embodiment are articulated in digital performance and how do they change perceptions of mobility?

Digital Futures: How will future generations create and participate in artwork? What will be the interests of future artists? What skills and training might prepare the next generation of digital dance artists?

Collaboration and Community Building: What is the nature of collaboration in digital performance and in the design and implementation of interactive performance systems? How do performance systems, scores and codes facilitate communication and what are the qualities of communities of practice? What are relationships between performance making and community building? How do artists and audiences navigate biological, experiential, social and technological information in performance contexts? How do contemporary performance practices address issues of collaboration, ownership, data, privacy and sharing?

Archiving and Access: How do digital archives affect audience experiences of dance? How are embodied knowledges communicated and transformed in the digital archiving process?  How might the artist offer an accessible live archive of practice? What creative strategies can be used to facilitate meaningful audience engagements with archives and online performances?
Essays should be 4000-6000 words.
Shorter artistic reflections, conversations, poetry and provocations will also be considered.
Visual essays are encouraged. and
Contributors need to work within the existing Journal template in terms of design and lay-out (see free issue ). More playful contributions are welcomed, particularly those that include images, but if a contributor has a particular idea in mind that might deviate from the template they must contact Emma Meehan first to discuss the possibilities and prior to submitting a contribution that is necessarily dependent on a lay-out that deviates from the template.
Artist’s pages: Please submit a pdf with how you wish the article to appear in print, along with text (Word) and any images (tiff/jpeg/pdf, 300dpi) attached separately in the same email.
All proposals, submissions and general enquiries should be sent direct to:
Emma Meehan
Issue-related enquiries should be directed to the issue editor:


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IAMCR Conference 2014
Hyderabad, India

Intellect's International Marketing Manager James Campbell will be attending the IAMCR 2014 conference (International Association for Media and Communication Research) from 15th to 19th July. If you wish to arrange a meeting to discuss a book proposal or an existing project email


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