Call For Papers: Fashion, Style & Popular Culture
Special Issue: Displaying and Negotiating Identity: Costume and Ethnic Dress

Wearing a costume has never been relegated solely to children playing ‘dress up’. Children and adults alike utilize items of dress to display their own sense of identity. This display of identity contributes to the development of both one’s private and public self. 

Furthermore, the concept of ‘fandom’ provides an arena for the study of subcultural groups, similar to brand communities or style tribes. In recent times, an increased interest in historic folkways and genealogy, as well as a resurgence in the popularity of comic books, has allowed a new generation of fans of all ages to participate in costume dressing. Additionally, popular television series like Game of Thrones  make a supposed fantasy world into a seeming reality, while shows like CBS’s Big Bang Theory  elevate the idea of cosplay to new heights. 

This special issue of Fashion, Style & Popular Culture  is aimed at all aspects of costume dressing and understanding the motivations and implications of such displays, as well as the intersections and negotiations of identity among and between subcultural groups. 

Manuscripts and abstracts should be submitted by 1 February 2017 to Holly Lentz-Schiller at or Takisha Toler at

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Call for Papers: Critical Studies in Men's Fashion

Critical Studies in Men’s Fashion is currently accepting submissions for a special focus issue on Fashion and Style Icons. The deadline to submit is 15 December 2016.

This focus issue will examine individuals and groups of people who influence(d) how men dress, departed from sartorial conventions, expanded the concept of ‘men’s style’, or whose own aesthetic presentations were/are unique to warrant analysis. Manuscripts can focus on specific individuals or general groups of people, real or fictional.

Contributions are welcome from all disciplines including: fashion studies, anthropology, art, art history, design, business, consumer studies, cultural studies, economics, gender studies, humanities, literature, marketing, psychology, queer studies, religion, sociology, and textiles. Diverse methods including critical analysis, reportage, quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis and arts methods are accepted.

Please send manuscripts and questions to: Dr. Andy Reilly, Editor,

Please feel free to circulate this call broadly to colleagues who may be interested.

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Journal of Urban Cultural Studies 2.3.

Intellect is thrilled to announce the new issue of the Journal of Urban Cultural Studies. The Journal of Urban Cultural Studies 2.3 explores the cultural aspects of urban life and delves into the representation of cities within particular arts products such as novels, videogames and films. 


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Metal Music Studies 2.1.

Intellect is delighted to announce the new issue of Metal Music Studies 2.1. Metal Music Studies is explicitly multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary: embracing both musicological research and music theory about metal music, and social scientific and humanistic research about metal music as a genre. 


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Film Matters in Aca-Media podcast

We are delighted to announce that editors of Film Matters have featured in a half-hour segment of the latest episode of the Aca-Media podcast:

To find out more about the journal click here

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Extended Deadline for Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice 1.2

The deadline for the first Call for Papers to Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice 1.2 has now been extended to 1 March 2016. 

To view the Call for Papers and Notes for Contributors, click here.

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Art & the Public Sphere Volume 4. Issue 1&2

We are delighted to announce that the fourth volume of Art & the Public Sphere has been published. This is a special double issue on ‘The Ethics of Social Practice’ guest edited by Jonathan Wallis. The rich and multifaceted issue is privileged to present interviews with Tania Bruguera (who is delivering the keynote address at CAA 2016 in Washington DC) and chief curator of Creative Time Nato Thompson.

This issue includes articles by Adeola Enigbokan, Rise Wilson and Daniel Tucker, stemming from ‘The Ethics of Social Practice’ panel at CAA 2015; response articles by Gretchen Coombs and Mark Hutchinson of APS; an Artoon by Pablo Helguera; and exhibition reviews. We also present an original ‘Local Profiles’ section covering art collectives and projects in the Philadelphia area – a focused case study on real responses to ethics in social practice. 

To access APS 4.1&2 please click here. 

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Persephone Sextou secures BBC Children in Need grant

Theatre for Children in Hospital: The Gift of Compassion by Persephone Sextou is the first work devoted to exploring the impact of theatrical experience on children’s perception of illness and wellbeing in clinical environments. At its core is an arts-based research project by Newman University's Community & Applied Drama Lab (CADLab) on the role of beside theatre performance in children's recovery. 

Intellect are delighted to announce that CADLab has secured a three-year £49,349 grant from BBC Children in Need to develop its work in local hospitals. The project will start in 2016, in the West Midlands, before being rolled out to hospitals and schools in partnership with NHS Trusts and the Local Educational Authorities across the UK.

To find out more, see the following links:
Newman University CADLab awarded BBC Children in Need grant
Dr. Persephone Sextou helps secure Children in Need grant
International Health Humanities network - Persephone Sextou

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International Food Design Conference & Studio
29 June - 1 July 2016


Food design, preparation and production is often faceless, the 2016 International Food Design Conference and Studio, 29 June – 1 July 2016 is dedicated to celebrating the people who design, prepare and produce our food. Whether they are a chef, artisan producer, farmer, processor, manufacturer, charity worker or home cook, these are the people that sustain, educate and entertain us.

Good design can help improve the work and lives of all of us and good food design is no exception to this. It can help us to:

• make work practices more efficient, enjoyable and sustainable for those producing food.

• tell the stories of the people behind our food so that their work is more appreciated and valued.

• build stronger relationships between different players in the industry to make for more robust value chains and processes.

It is time to recognise the human side of food design. Food Design: The Human Touch celebrates the people that feed us in so many different ways and explores ways that we can add value to their work and lives.

Food Design: The Human Touch will explore:

• Design that enhances the lives and work practices of domestic and commercial food producers;

• Design that tells the story of the people behind the food;

including a special session on stories of New Zealand and the Pacific;

• Design that bridges the gap between producer and consumer (whole-of-value-chain).

We are seeking proposals for the following:

Short (10-15 minute) presentations that will engage a broad (academic and non-academic) audience;

Hands-on workshops of 2 - 4 hours that will appeal to a wide audience of food professionals and enthusiastic amateurs (these are normally delivered to between 15 and 30 people and may be delivered once or twice);

Art works, installations and short performances (of between 51and 30 minutes) related to the theme of the conference;

Short films, digital and/or print media that will appeal to the intended audience for the conference and contribute to the story-telling aspect of the conference theme.

Collaborations with local restaurants and cafes for evening dining experiences that relate to the theme of the conference (these are ticketed events that are purchased by conference attendees and the general public).


• 19 February 2016 2-4 page proposal and 100 word bio (.doc & .docx only) sent to

• 4 March 2016 Outcome of proposals sent to authors. Formal acceptance letters will be sent2.

• 29 March 2016 300-word abstract (.doc & .docx only) for accepted work sent to

• 6 May 2016 Feedback on abstract sent to authors.

• 27 May 2016 Final abstract sent to

• 29 June – 1 July 2016 International Food Design Conference and Studio.


1. Relevance to the theme of the conference (Food Design: The Human Touch, outlined above).

2. The quality of the proposal in terms of its written and/or visual communication.

3. The likely appeal of the presentation/workshop/artwork/dining experience/media to the intended audience.

The intended audience includes:

• Chefs and other food professionals;

• Food designers and designers with a professional interest in food;

• Food and design media;

• Farmers, food producers and manufacturers;

• Food educators (secondary and tertiary);

• Interested foodies;

• Artists interested in synergies between art and food practices.

4. The experience and reputation of the presenter(s) may also be taken into consideration. It is therefore important that we receive a short bio for the presenter(s) and links to relevant previous presentations and work. However, new presenters are encouraged to submit a proposal and should not be discouraged by the requirement to include a bio.


All proposals and abstracts will be double-blind peer reviewed by experienced reviewers so that you may count your presentation or creative work towards your research quantum.

If you also wish to have your creative works formally reviewed and critiqued at the conference, this may be possible.

Please contact Richard Mitchell ( or 021301296) if you wish to have your work reviewed.

There will be no formal paper proceedings published for this conference; only a book of abstracts will be published directly from the conference. However, a special issue of the International Journal of Food Design will be published in 2017 on the theme of this conference (Food Design: The Human Touch). Presenters may be asked to submit a manuscript for review post conference. A call for papers for this special issue will be available in due course.

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Short Film Studies symposium at Minimalen Short Film Festival

Minimalen Short Film Festival, in collaboration with Midtnorsk Filmsenter and The Norwegian Film board,  presents 'Short Film Studies Symposium 2016'. This symposium will launch Short Film Studies issue 6.2, and will open discussions with the two filmmakers featured: Naomi Levari (Draft, 2004) and Sigalit Liphshitz (Cock Fight, 2000). 

The full catalogue for the festival, featuring the Symposium on p. 53, can be seen here

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