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Alison Adam
Books edited by Women in Computing
Alison Adam is Professor of Information Systems in the Information Systems Group and Director of the Information Systems, Organisations and Society Research Centre within IRIS (Informatics Research Institute). She was Head of the Information Systems Institute (2004-2006) before it merged with other schools to form Salford Business School.

Adam has been at the University of Salford since 2000. Her prior career includes five years in ICI as a systems analyst, two years as technical consultant within a small software house, two years at Lancaster University as a research fellow on one of the Alvey projects and fourteen years in the Department of Computation, UMIST, as lecturer and senior lecturer.

Adam's research interests include: critical information systems; science and technology studies (STS); approaches towards the study of information systems; gender and artifical intelligence; gender and information systems, and computer ethics. She is also a member of RAE 2008 Library and Information Management sub-panel.

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