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Angeliki Gazi


Angeliki Gazi is Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication and Internet Studies of Cyprus University of Technology. 
She is a psychologist and holds a Master’s Degree and PhD from the Department of Communication and Media Studies of the University of Athens in Psychology of Communication on media psychology of radio communication.
She is vice chair of Radio Research Section of ECREA (European Communication Research and Education Association). She is member of the International Editorial Board of the Journal of Radio and Audio Media and of The Radio Journal.
She is in charge of the organization, functioning and programme flow of the university radio of the Cyprus University of Technology and the Internet Radio Station of the Department of Communication and Media Studies of the University of Athens. She has participated in various academic research projects and she has published articles relevant to her research interests.      
SeleSelected Publications about Radio
·        Gazi, A. (2010), “The “image” of the sound – Case of Radio”, in Vovou, I. (sup), TV and other Media, Herodotos ed., Athens  
·        Gazi. A. (2005), Radio Rrogramme, in Communication Leaflet, The Radio In Greece, No 6, Nov. p.p. 39 – 81, Athens, 2005, ed. Hellenic Audiovisual Institute
·        Gazi. A. (2003), “Radio and its Aesthetics: from Transistors to Modern Computers” in Panagiotopoulou, R. (sup), TheDigital Challenge, Media and Democracy, ed Dardanos, Tipothito, Athens.
·        Gazi. A. (2002), “Le Contexte de la Radio et l’ identite professionelle” (“The radio Context and the professional identity”), inΜesogeios (Mediterranee) histoire, peuples, langues, culture, 16. ed. Herodotos, Paris.
·        Gazi.A. (2002), “Mental and Social Construction in the Radio”, in Klimis Navridis (sup), Power- Pain- Violence, ed. Kastaniotis, Athens. 
·        Gazi. A. (2001), “The Radio as Economic Organization: The relationship between the broadcaster and the listener in the radio financial Organization, Case of Geronimo Groovy” in Barboutis, Ch.- Klontzas, M. (sup.), The Boundaries of Sound, The Radio Dynamic in Greece, ed. Papazizis, Athens.


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