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ZhouYing Jin

Zhouying Jin is a senior researcher and professor at the Institute of Quanti-Econoics &Techno-Economics of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Director, Center for Technology Innovation and Strategy Studies(CTISS) of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. She is president and founder for the Beijng Academy of Soft Technology.

She is also Chairman and founder of The Future 500 (China), which is aiming to improving sustainability and harmonizing economic profits with social and environmental benefits in enterprises dimensions (triple bottom line).

In the recent fifteen years she led more than 30 important projects within 20 projects has asked by central government, ministry, Chinese academy of social sciences, or international organizations, e.g. During 1996-2000, she has been appointed by MOST (Ministry of Science & Technology) as a key member of Nation’s S863 Plan and appointed as the Experts Team Leader of Strategy for the S863 Plan (China High-Tech Research & Development Plan for 2001-2010) of China; in 2001-2005, she organized a cross-discipline team to led the project of ”Long-term strategy integration and sustainable development” asked by CASS; “National strategy for Petroleum and Natural Gas”; “Evaluation of Nation’s High-Tech Research & Development Plan”, “Assessment for The Breakthrough Project”; “Service innovation and NGO organizations in China”; “Strategic Management and Institutional Innovation on Coal bed Methane Industry”; “Green Car Development Guideline and Environmental Policy in China”; “Environmental strategy for transnational Auto companies”; “The water problem in China”; “The water crisis (An advice to center government)”, “China GPIgenuine progress indicator”, “GPIgenuine progress indicator of Beijing City”, “Green Economy & Long-term Strategic Management System-a case study in a resource-based city” asked by local government, etc.

Among her publications, there are 15 monographs, 6 translated books, more than 30 research reports and over a hundred thesis, which include: Management and Enterprises Diagnosis, Beijing; Soft Technology -- The Essence and Space of Innovation, Beijing and U.S.A; Service Innovation and Social Resource, Beijing; Virtual Institute and Organization innovation, London; Technology Driving Force for Sustainable Development—Principle of harmony and balance, London; Soft TechnologyJapan; Technological Institution and Soft Technology, Beijing; Passer de la representation du present a la vision prospective du future--<technology foresight>, France; Global Technological Change--From Hard Technology to Soft Technology (First Ed. & Second Ed.), UK; Technological Progress in History: Survey of Evolution and Shift of Emphasis From ‘Hard-tech’ to ‘Soft-tech’ Development, LondonInstitutional innovation on Coal bed Methane industry; The policy of robot development in China; Long-term strategy integration and sustainable development; Soft Technology and Technology Innovation; Soft technology, soft infrastructure and Knowledge economy; From nation’s soft power to soft power of enterprises; Change the thinking model, to open another door of creative industries—opportunities and challenges; Global Technological Change and Business Mode InnovationThe abuliding Fourth Industrial Revolution, etc. 

Academic Experience: Jin is a Guest Professor of HohaiUniversity (Nanjing) and Academic member of Shanghai Academy of Systematic Science. She was a Member of Professional Committee of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (1992-2000), Guest Professor of ChineseUniversity of Science and Technology, TsinghuaUniversity (Beijing). She is Research Fellow of World Business AcademyOjai, CA, U.S.; Planning Committee Member and Chair of China node of the Millennium Project; Member of The Club of Rome EU-Chapter; Senior Research Fellow of IC2 Institute At Austin; Member of World Future Society; Fellow of the WIF (World innovation Foundation); Member of the Research Advisory Board for "ETHICAL MARKETS " ITV; Member of Editorial Board, AI & Society, in British and International Journal of “Technology Intelligence and Planning” in France, etc. 

Keywords:  soft technology, GPI, long-term strategy management, global technological changes, social technology, cultural technology, knowledge systems, innovation

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