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Reframing Consciousness (PB)
Art, mind and technology
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ISBN 9781841500515
Paperback 352 pages

Published September 2000
Imprint: Intellect
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We are in the middle of a process of complex cultural transformation, but to what extent is this matched by the transformation in the way we see ourselves? This book covers a wide-ranging discussion on the interaction between Art, Science and Technology, and goes on to challenge assumptions about 'reality'.
Loosely themed around four key elements of Mind, Body, Art and Values, the editor leads the investigation through the familiar territories of interactive media and artificial life, combining them with new and ancient ideas about creativity and personal identity.The contributing authors number over sixty highly respected practitioners and theorists in art and science, bringing to the subject a stimulating diversity of approach and a rich background of knowledge.
Art has long been preoccupied with questions involving the mind and consciousness. But it is fast finding that new technology, creatively applied, brings new possibilities to bear. This volume provides a strong foundation for the debates that are sure to follow in this field.

Roy Ascott is the Professor of Interactive Arts and founder-director of CAiiA-STAR, University of Wales College Newport and University of Plymouth. His work is widely recognised to have pioneered the place of cybernetics, telematics and interactive media in art.

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