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Crash Cultures (HB)
Modernity, Mediation and the Material
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ISBN 9781841500713
Hardback 192 pages
Published July 1999
Imprint: Intellect
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Since Diana's car crash in August 1997, media interest in the crash as an event needing explanation has proliferated. A glut of documentaries on television have investigated the social and scientific history of our responses to the car crash, as well as showing the personal impact of the crash on individual lives.

Chapter titles
Introduction: Modernity, Mediation and the Materia   - Page 1
'Will it Smash?': Modernity and the Fear of Fallin   - Page 15
How it Feels   - Page 23
Eye-Hunger: Physical Pleasure & Non-Narrative...   - Page 33
Crashed-Out: Laundry Vans, Photographs and a...   - Page 53
Crash: Beyond the Boundaries of Sense   - Page 63
Sexcrash   - Page 79
Cyborgian Subjects and the Auto-Destruction of...   - Page 91
Spirit in Crashes: Animist Machines and the...   - Page 103
Racing Fatalities: White Highway, Black Wreckage   - Page 117
Negative Dialects of the Desert Crash in The...   - Page 127
The Iconic Body and the Crash   - Page 127
Of Hallowed Spacings: Diana's Crash as Heterotopia   - Page 127
Fuel, Metal, Air: The Appearances & Dis ...   - Page 127
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