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Computers and Society (PB)
Citizenship in the Information Age
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ISBN 9781871516418
Paperback 184 pages
230mm x 174mm
Published May 1993
Imprint: Intellect

A timely analysis of what ensuring that our information systems are accountable to society entails. The book brings a truly international outlook to the discussion of the social and ethical issues involved, and a realistic assessment of the technology. 

'How do we ensure that computers are used for socially beneficial purposes, particularly in an age when market forces are the major arbiter of human affairs?'

This book is a response to this very important question. The papers represent an integration of research into technological and social aspects of computer technology that is relevant and accessible to the individual citizen. They provide a discussion of common societal objectives and a realistic assessment of the role, and sometimes the limits, of computer technology in achieving them. It also provides a reference point for future work on computers and society.



• Preface
• Social Citizenship in the Information Age
• Women as Citizens and the Role of Information Technology
• Psychosocial Environment and the Information Age
• Overcoming Disability: a UK Perspective
• Education in the Field of Information Technology
• Individuals, Culture and the Design of Information Systems
• Social Aspects of Computer Viruses
• What is Happening Now with Technology Assessment?
• Development, Self-Determination and Information
• The Enforcement of Foreign Technology on Africa
• Whose New World Order?

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