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Sensing the City through Television
Urban identities in fictional drama
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ISBN 9781841508429
Paperback 191 pages

Published January 2004
Imprint: Intellect
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An investigation of the fictional representations of the city in contemporary British and American television drama, assessing their political, sociological and cultural implications. 

The book draws on the following five key case studies for specific and detailed analysis:

Queer as Folk
Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City
The Cops
Homicide - Life on the Street
Holding On

Each is discussed in terms of structure, content, characterisation and narrative, and placed within its specific ideological context. The case studies represent an interesting range of British and American cities and city sub-cultures. The author extends his analysis to investigate the intrinsic issues related to the implications of popular and high drama and culture. Featuring excerpts of exclusive interviews with Tony Garnett and members of the production team of The Cops and Tony Marchant and David Snodin of Holding On.

As one of the first substantial investigations of the city in television drama, this book reflects a growing general interest in the politics of representation. It is also designed for accommodation into the very popular academic courses on drama and in film and media studies: as a textbook and for supplementary reading.

Chapter titles
Chapter 1: 'Policing the Imagination: Tony Garnett's The Cop's'
Page 17
Chapter 2: 'The City as a Site of Redemptive Stuggle: Tony Marchant's Holding On'
Page 59
Chapter 3: 'The Fabled City: The San Francisco of Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City'
Page 93
Chapter 4: 'A Manchester Heterotopia?: Queer as Folk'
Page 119
Chapter 5: 'Homicide - Life on the Street'
Page 157
Conclusion - Sensing the City: Centres and Margins
Page 179
'A very good book for people interested in representations of the city, and urban life in TV drama - but, more than that, it's one of the best "television studies" books of recent years. ' –

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