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The Gateway Theatre Building and Company, 1884-1965
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ISBN 9781841501086
Paperback 76 pages
Published October 2003
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Ian Brown

Between 1953 and 1965 the Gateway Theatre Company, which later became the Royal Lyceum Company, was a major force in developing modern Scottish theatre. The company encouraged new writing and young performers to establish a vibrant contemporary tradition of Scottish theatre in a manner complementary to, and at times more important than, that of its sister theatre, the Citizens in Glasgow. Both theatre building and company are regarded with enormous affection and respect.

This book provides authoritative brief histories of the building and the company incorporating much original research, an essay on the links between the theatre and the Church of Scotland (its landlord post Second World War), and appreciations of two leading figures in the operation of the theatre and the company. These are Sadie Aitken, 'the Caledonian Lilian Bayliss' (a theatrical legend), and Robert Kemp (playwright and a key figure in post war theatre).

This book will provide:

• New information on the nature of the Gateway Theatre and the Gateway Company.
• A re-evaluation of its great significance in the development of modern Scottish theatre.
• A fresh understanding of the role played by two of the key theatre figures of the twentieth century.

The publication will appeal to scholars and informed readers with an interest in theatre and Scottish cultural affairs.


Chapter 1: Gateways from the Past to the Future - Ian Brown

Chapter 2: The Gateway Building and its Early Manifestations
- Ksenija Horvat

Chapter 3: Kirk and Theatre - Donald Smith

Chapter 4: Sadie Aitken: 'the Caledonian Lilian Baylis' - Kathleen Gilmour

Chapter 5: The Gateway Theatre Company - Donald Smith

Chapter 6: The Founding of a Modern Tradition: Robert Kemp's Scots Translations of Moliere at the Gateway - Bill Findlay

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