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National Identity
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ISBN 9781871516050
Paperback 160 pages

Published January 1999
Imprint: Intellect

Edited by Keith Cameron
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A thought-provoking exploration of national identity within the full scope of social, political and cultural activity in today's nation states.

The essays each have a focus on a defining aspect of a European state and examine the factors that constitute the sense of identity with nation in these countries.
Broader perspectives are provided by the framing introduction and the concluding chapter, both of which question the meaning and possible impact of national identity within the 'New Europe' that has come to be in the last decade.

Chapter titles
Keith Cameron
Chapter 1: 'National Identity and the Nation State: Construction, Reconstruction and Contradiction'
Lynn Williams
Chapter 2: 'Towards Devolution: Poerty and Anglo-Welsh Identity'
Diane Davies
Chapter 3: 'State and Nation: Germany since Reunification'
Mark Blacksell
Chapter 4: 'Symbols of Nationalism in Bosnia and Hercegovina'
John A. Vincent
Chapter 5: 'Those blue remembered hills...' National Identity in English Music (1900-1930)'
Fiona Clampin
Chapter 6: 'Theatre and Nation in Austria: The Vagaries of History'
W. E. Yates
Chapter 7: 'Questions of National Cinema'
Susan Hayward
Chapter 8: 'National Identity, European Identity and the Euro'
Carole B. Burgoyne and David A. Routh
Chapter 9: 'Monarchy and Nation in Britain Since the Eighteenth Century'
Bruce Coleman
Chapter 10: 'Diana - 'England's Rose:' The View of a Group Analytic Psychotherapist'
Joy Thompson
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