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Drawing - The Process
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ISBN 9781841500768
Paperback 143 pages

Published March 2005
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Jo Davies and Leo Duff
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Drawing - The Process is a collection of papers, theories and interviews based on the conference and exhibition of the same name held at Kingston University in 2003.

Much debate and research is currently undertaken in this area and it is the intention of the book to galvanize this, while providing a vehicle for deep enquiry. The publication will firstly comprise a collection of refereed papers representing a breadth of activity and research around the issues of drawing within the broad context of art and design activity. The second dimension of the book will be an examination of the drawing processes of high profile practitioners.

The publication will encompass the best contemporary investigation of a subject pivotal to art and design activity, and should be recognized as a fundamental text for students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Chapter titles
Introduction   - Page 1
Only Fire Forges Iron: The Architectural ...   - Page 5
Old Manuals and New Pencils   - Page 15
'A Journey of Drawing: an Illustration of a Fable'   - Page 29
Visual Dialogue: Drawing Out 'The Big Picture'...   - Page 39
The Beginnings of Drawing in England   - Page 47
Electroliquid Aggregation and the Imaginative...   - Page 59
What Shall I Draw? Just A Few Words   - Page 69
Towards A Life Machine   - Page 81
In Discussion with Zandra Rhodes   - Page 91
Algoritmic Drawings   - Page 101
Drawing a Blank   - Page 107
A Dialogue with Joanna Quinn   - Page 115
Drawing - My Process   - Page 125
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