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Television and Criticism
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ISBN 9781841501475
Paperback 128 pages
Published April 2008
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Solange Davin and Rhona Jackson
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Television and Criticism unites distinguished scholars from the fields of literary criticism, media studies, and film studies to challenge the traditional boundaries between high and low culture. Through a theoretical lens, this volume addresses such topics as the blurring of genres, television and identity, and the sophistication of television audiences by examining examples from soap operas, televised adaptations of classic novels, film noir, and popular shows like Queer as Folk, Seinfeld, and Ally McBeal. Ranging from Shakespeare to Dragnet, this comprehensive study will interest cultural studies scholars and media buffs alike.

Chapter titles
Introduction - Page 7
Solange Davin and Rhona Jackson
Chapter 1: 'Our Common Cultural Heritage: Classic Novels and English Television' - Page 15
Len Platt
Chapter 2: 'Aspects of the Soap Opera and Other Stories' - Page 25
Dorothy Hobson
Chapter 3: 'Shakespeare on the American Television and the Special Relationship between the UK & the USA' - Page 37
Curtis Breight
Chapter 4: 'Television as History: Hisotry as Television' - Page 49
Anne Wales
Chapter 5: 'The story you are about to see is true": Dragnet, Film Noir and Postwar Realism' - Page 61
R. Barton Palmer
Chapter 6: 'The Skilled Viewer' - Page 75
Rhona Jackson
Chapter 7: 'The Culture of Post-Narcissism: Post-Teenage, Pre-Midlife Singles Culture in Seinfeld, Ally McBeal and Friends' - Page 89
Michael Skovmand
Chapter 8: 'Television's Vanishing Terms? Traditional Aesthetics and Television Drama in the Age of Reality TV' - Page 101
Felix Thompson
Chapter 9: 'I've been searching my soul tonight': the Ally McBeal Effect' - Page 115
Jill Barker
'A stimulating collection of well-researched critical essays which are likely to be of interest both to those who study and teach television and to the intelligent viewer' – Liz Roberts, Media Education Journal.

'an enterprise of television history based on extensive archival work combined with critical perspectives and cultural theory.'Critical Studies in Television

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