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Becoming Designers
Education and Influence
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ISBN 9781841500324
Paperback 157 pages

Published June 2000
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Stuart Mealing and Esther Dudley
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Design Research is an area that is both current and growing, but texts on the subjects are in short supply. This book is a response to the vitality of discussion within journals and at conferences, and it intends to place Design Research in its rightful place at the heart of studio-based education and practice.

Offering a valuable context within which to understand the educational needs and aspirations of the designer, Becoming Designers is also a vital resource for students in this field, whose access to books on the subject is currently very limited.

Chapter titles
Chapter 1: 'ud2k - Designing the Design Student'
Stuart Mealing
Chapter 2: 'Design for Life: The Lasting Contribution of William Morris'
John Astley
Chapter 3: 'Design Praxis: Towards a Design Context Rooted in Design Practice'
Kevin McCullagh
Chapter 4: 'Intelligent Shape Sorting'
Esther Dudley
Chapter 5: 'Educating the Multimedia Designer'
Stephen Boyd Davis
Chapter 6: 'Designing Women: Gender Issues in Graphic Design Education'
Erica Matlow
Chapter 7: 'What Tangled Webs We Weave'
Mike Hope
Chapter 8: 'Designer's Perception of Development - Development's Perception of Design'
Mirjam Southwell
Chapter 9: 'Globalisation'
Stuart Durant
Chapter 10: 'Interview with a Designer on Becoming Designers'
Richard Hill
Chapter 11: '"Ethical Design": The End of Graphic Design?'
Alex Cameron
Chapter 12: 'Towards More Ambitious Agendas'
Gerard Mermoz
''An exciting beginning to what I believe should be a series of books.'' – Victoria Burnard, Journal of the Association of Illustrators

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