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The Transparent Prolog Machine
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ISBN 9781871516142
Hardback 192 pages
Published May 1991
Imprint: Intellect
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This book explains a new approach to debugging Prolog programs and to teaching the Prolog language. TPM's style of graphical representation (AORTA diagrams) is widely accepted as the best graphical visualisation of Prolog execution.

TPM was developed at the Open University in collaboration with Expert Systems International. The widely accepted presentation is used in the TPM software and also in the Open University teaching materials for Prolog. This book gives both the theory behind the TPM graphical debugger and a detailed account of its operation, including worked examples, code abstractions and a tutorial.


Part One - The Transparent Prolog Machine
• Introduction
• Underlying principles
• A working TPM environment
• Worked examples
• Code abstractions
• Conclusions

Part Two - A TPM tutorial
• TPM and Prolog execution

Part Three - Guide for TPM users
• Overview
• Setting spypoints
• Technical information

Part Four - TPM reference
• TPM reference

• Bibliography
• Index

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