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Advances in Control Networks and Large Scale Parallel Distributed Processing Models
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ISBN 9780893916473
Hardback 400 pages

Published May 1991
Imprint: Ablex

Edited by Martin D Fraser

This volume is concerned with state-of-the-art developments in modeling control and processing in distributed networks. Contributions from researchers and practitioners in universities, private industry, and government are included. The main themes addressed in the volumes include: models and methodologies for distributed control and parallel distributed processing networks; feedback and control, distributed control and self-organization; model performance evaluation; testing of models and simulations; learning and memory; internodal communications and network flow; and information transmission and processing.



• Self-Organizing Neural Networks: Hebbian Learning in Development and Biological Computing
• The Neuron as a Reprogrammable Computing Element in Neural Networks
• Synergistic Interactions Among Distinct Populations of Neurons
• Competitive Activation Mechanisms in Connectionist Models
• Decentralized Control of Access to Resources in a Network: Interdependence of Strategies in a Challenge Ring Model
• Network Models of Motor Systems with Many Degrees of Freedom
• Stability, Convergence, and Computation of Stereotype Voting Groups
• The Carelia Simulator: A Development and Specification Environment for Neural Networks
• The Maryland Mirrors/II Simulation Environment for Developing Connectionist Models
• Neural Network Simulation with Glauber Dynamics on a Generic Multiprocessor
• Computational Logic of Network Processes
• Information systems and Neural Networks
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