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How to Make Money Scriptwriting
Out of Print
Price £20, $28.50
ISBN 9781841500027
Paperback 224 pages

Published January 2000
Imprint: Intellect
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Many books deal with how to write better scripts, but this is the only one to tackle the business side of being a professional writer. 

Written by a leading literary agent, this is an indispensable insider's guide to the development process - from the original idea right through to production - it provides the reader with an easy-to-read handbook for:

• Identifying what audiences want and understanding their emotional needs
• Developing successful ideas for film and television drama
• Writing more effective treatments and step outlines
• Improving one's ability to pitch ideas and scripts
• Surviving 'development hell'
• Handling meetings to get what you want out of them
• Negotiating and understanding contracts
• Protecting ideas, treatments and scripts
• Establishing copyright for writers

The volume includes 'An A-Z of law and contracts and deal memos', and 'The Writers' Guild Minimum Terms Agreement'.

Chapter titles
Chapter 1: 'The Politics of being a Writer'
Chapter 2: 'Creativity - Understanding the Source of Ideas'
Chapter 3: 'The Writer as a Business Person'
Chapter 4: 'Writing Treatments that Work'
Chapter 5: 'The Step Outline'
Chapter 6: 'Markets for Your Work'
Chapter 7: 'Life's a Pitch'
Chapter 8: 'Criticism and Rewriting'
Chapter 9: 'Script Editing and Script Reports'
Chapter 10: 'The Psychology and Physiology of Emotion in Audiences'
Chapter 11: 'Ratings, Share and Audience Research'
Chapter 12: 'Interactive Multimedia'
Chapter 13: 'Agents'
Chapter 14: 'Handling Meetings'
Chapter 15: 'Negotiating'
Chapter 16: 'A Basic Agreement'
Chapter 17: 'Protecting Your Work'
Chapter 18: 'Financial Survival'
Chapter 19: 'Research'
'Friedmann knows what he is talking about, which he does in a witty and entertaining way, informing without patronising. Go and buy it.' – Film Review

'This wonderful and accessible book fills all the gaps. It's full of insights that help writers in the business of screenwriting – a great help to actually get a script sold.' – Linda Seger, author of Making a Good Script Great

'A practical guide to the business that covers how you should deal with producers and agents…a good read. ' – Screenwriter Magazine

'A highly recommended and comprehensive introduction' – Wisconsin Bookwatch

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