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The Art and Science of Learning Languages
Out of Print
Price £20, $28.50
ISBN 9781871516678
Paperback 352 pages

Published May 1997
Imprint: Intellect
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This book offers a genuinely practical framework for learning any language. It provides detailed advice on studying on your own or in combination with courses, often drawing on the experiences of the authors and others who have mastered many languages.

With the constantly increasing contact between the peoples of the world, the growth of interest in the learning of second and third languages is set for many years to come. A special message of the book is the importance of self-reliance based on a positive approach and efficient organization.

Chapter titles
Chapter 1: 'Basics 1. Who can and who should learn languages'
Page 7
Chapter 2: 'Basics 2. Understanding the basic nature of language'
Page 17
Chapter 3: 'Basics 3. Basic pratical principles of learning'
Page 25
Chapter 4: 'Learning and lessons 1. How useful are teachers?'
Page 32
Chapter 5: 'Learning and lessons 2. With or without lessons'
Page 42
Chapter 6: 'Pronunciation'
Page 57
Chapter 7: 'Vocabulary 1. Principles and first steps'
Page 72
Chapter 8: 'Vocabulary 2. How to learn many words'
Page 88
Chapter 9: 'Vocabulary 3. Dictionaries'
Pafe 99
Chapter 10: 'Grammer'
Page 108
Chpater 11: 'Reading to observe'
Page 126
Chapter 12: 'Reading, listening, speaking, writing'
Page 137
Chapter 13: 'Mistakes'
Page 148
Chapter 14: 'A summary of principles of good language learning'
Page 158
Chapter 15: 'The world's most important languages'
Page 161
Chapter 16: 'How many words are there?'
Page 163
Chapter 17: 'Transparent languages'
Page 165
Chapter 18: 'International and puristic words'
Page 172
Chapter 19: 'False friends and unreliable friends'
Page 177
Chapter 20: 'Easy and difficult languages'
Page 180
Chapter 21: 'How long does it take to learn a language?'
Page 183
Chapter 22: 'How many words does one need to know?'
Page 186
Chapter 23: 'Languages with difficult pronunciation'
Page 189
Chapter 24: 'Features of grammar'
Page 191
Chapter 25: 'Alphabets'
Page 193
'I would like to say that I found your book The Art and Science of Language Learning to be one of the most honest books on language learning that I've ever encountered. One reason I say this is because you emphasize self-reliance on the learner's part. Most language-learning texts today seem to be quite the opposite, designed for specific teaching programs and not the individual learner.......' – -

'Thank you again for your fine book, and for any information you can provide me about language learning books by polyglots (in any language). ' – -

'I find your own book perhaps the most useful of the ones I've read. I have ordered another copy of it from Intellect for our linguistics department. It is an excellent book and should be known to all of our faculty.' – -

'The Art and Science of Learning Languages, by far the best book on the subject that I have read. ' – Christopher K. Starr, University of the West Indies

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