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Language and Thought
A Rational Enquiry into their Nature and Relationship
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ISBN 9781871516722
Paperback 96 pages

Published February 1999
Imprint: Intellect
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This is a shortened and updated version of Antilinguistics. In a new chapter the author attacks Chomskyan linguistics as expounded in Steven Pinker's The Language Instinct. He goes on to show how thought is corrupted by language, and how serious the consequences are for the human race.

Chapter titles
Page 1
Chapter 1: 'What Language Is'
Page 4
Chpater 2: 'The Mirage of Linguistics'
Page 8
Chapter 3: 'Being able to use Language'
Page 17
Chapter 4: 'Thinking: at least What it Isn't'
Page 32
Chapter 5: 'Language the Corrupter'
Page 52
Chapter 6: 'Trying to Speak the Truth'
Page 67
Chapter 7: 'Slavery to Authority and the Word'
Page 76
'Amorey Gethin certainly does not pull his punches in this book, which seeks to demolish a whole scaffolding of linguistic theory and linguistic endeavour...His thesis is that languages are sets of meanings, "an attempt to reflect experience"...He argues by analysis and example, and he argues very powerfully...If Gethin is right, the implications are far-reaching.' – Language International

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