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Languages of Theatre Shaped by Women
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ISBN 9781871516784
Paperback 128 pages
Published September 2001
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Lizbeth Goodman and Jane de Gay
Addressing issues of feminism and representation, this book provides a fresh and thorough consideration of the status and potential of Women's theatre today. The authors explore a range of different approaches to the languages of theatre, including translation and interpretation of the art form, along with language, performance and gesture.

Considered alongside the related social issues of race, class and dialect, the following questions emerge:

• What is the role of language in theatre today?
• Whose language is English; what other languages do women making theatre use?
• What does it mean to write about, photograph and video live performance?
• What is the future for women's theatre in an international context increasingly united by new technologies but divided by new issues of cultural diversity?

Goodman's and de Gay's analysis covers issues that are central to current courses in theatre, performance and Women's Studies. They assess the forms which women as theatre-makers have chosen to explore in the age of new technology, and look at some of the different definitions of 'theory' offered by theatre-makers and critics including Caryl Churchill, Hélène Cixous, Luce Irigiray and Julia Kristeva.


Part 1: Re-Shaping Theatre Traditions

Chapter 1: 'Seizing Speech and Playing with Fire: Greek Mythological Heroines and International Women's Performance' - Jane de Gay

Chapter 2: 'Leah's Daughters on Stage and in Multimedia and Fiona Shaw's King Lear Workshops as Case Studies in Braking the Frame' - Lizbeth Wilson

Chapter 3: 'Playing (with) Shakespeare: Bryony Lavery's Ophelia and Jane Pendergasts I, Hamlet' - Jane de Gay

Chapter 4: 'Theorizing Practice-Based Research: Performing and Analyzing Self in Role as I, Hamlet' - Jane Prendergast

Part 2: Speaking For Themselves: Women Theatre-Makers at Work

Chapter 5: 'Transmitting the Voices, Voyages and Visions: Adapting Virginia Woolfe's To the Lighthouse for Radio' - Lindsey Bell

Chapter 6:'Voicing Identitities, Reframing Difference(s): The case of Fo(u)r Women. A Brief Commentary on the Text of Fo(u)r Women' - Adeola Agbebiya

Four Women - Adeola Agbebiya, Patience Agbabi and Dorothea Smartt

Part 3: Practicing theory and Theorizing Practice

Chapter 7: 'Scratch in the Record' - Leslie Hill

Chapter 8: 'One-to-One: Lone Journeys' - Helen Paris

Chapter 9: 'Mouth Ghosts: the Taste of the Os-Text' - Jools Gilson-Ellis

Chapter 10: 'Afterword: Shapeshifters and Hidden Bodies' - Jane de Gay

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