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The English Language in Europe
Out of Print
Price £15, $21.50
ISBN 9781871516890
Paperback 64 pages
Published May 1996
Imprint: Intellect

Edited by Reinhard Hartmann
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This book is an overview of the current state of, and a glimpse of future directions for, the English language in Europe, looking at the development of English from a Germanic tongue in northwest Europe to an international language that has spread across the world.

In the European context, the book examines:

• The role of English, especially in Germany, in major fields of work and study, such as science, education and the arts.

• How language contact, by translation and other means, has led to much borrowing of English vocabulary across the continent, with different effects on the languages of Europe.

• The way bilingualism being a feature in many European countries has affected English becoming accepted as the second language to learn, both in terms of individual preference and institutional direction.

• The predominance of the language within and outside the European Union language services.

Chapter titles
English in the World and Europe
English as a lingua franca in Europe, especially Germanic regions.
English in the European Union
The donation of words to other languages
Societal and individual bilingualism with English
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