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Advances in Human-Computer Interaction Volume 3
Out of Print
Price £39.905, $80
ISBN 9780893917517
Hardback 304 pages

Published May 1993
Imprint: Ablex
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Edited by H Rex Hartson and Deborah Hix

Contributing Authors

Andrew Sears, Catherine Plaisant, Ben Shneiderman, Dermot P. Browne, Robert Summersgill, Richard A. Wagner, David Levinson, David Jank, Martha J. Lindeman, Charles Crabb, John R. Bonneay, Vera Fosnot Werhli, Bernice T. Glenn, Mark H. Chignell, Alison Lee, Stephen J. Boies, William E. Bennett, John D. Gould, Sharon L. Greene, and Charles Weicha.



• Expanding the Scope of Touchscreen Application: High Precision, Dragging Icons, and Refined Feedback
• The User Interface: The Poor Relation in Structured Methods
• Evaluating the Thinking Aloud Technique for Use by Computer Scientists • Where East Meets West: Bridging the Gap Between Anthropology and Computer Science
• Designing a Scholars' Electronic Library: The Interaction of Human Factors and Computer Science Tasks
• Hypermedia: Design for Browsing
• User Support: Considerations, Features, and Issues
• The Interactive Transaction System (ITS): Tools for Application Development
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