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Advances in Human-Computer Interaction Volume 4
Out of Print
Price £45, $64.50
ISBN 9780893919344
Hardback 304 pages

Published May 1993
Imprint: Ablex
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Edited by H Rex Hartson and Deborah Hix

Contributing Authors

Robert C. Williges, Beverly H. Williges, Sung H. Han, Mary Beth Rosson, John M. Carroll, Harold Thimbleby, Ian H. Witten, Tom Carey, Roger Spall, Brad A. Myers, Robert J. K. Jacob, James R. Rhyne, Catherine G. Wolf, and Christopher Schmandt.


• Sequential Experimentation in Human-Computer Interface Design
• Extending the Task-Artifact Framework: Scenario-Based Design of Small Talk Applications
• User Modeling as Machine Identification: New Design Methods for HCI
• Supporting Design Rationales in User Interface Toolkits
• State of the Art in User Interface Software Tools
• Eye Movement-Based Human-Computer Interaction Techniques: Toward Non-Command Interfaces
• Recognition-Based User Interfaces
• From Desktop Audio to Mobile Access: Opportunities for Voice in Computing
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