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Computers and Writing
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ISBN 9781871516203
Hardback 390 pages
Published May 1992
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Patrik Holt and Noel Williams

This book contains a set of papers taken from the 3rd International Conference on Computers and Writing, representing the most comprehensive survey of the application of computers to writing to date. Given that it has a broad range of topics, the book will appeal to a wide audience, including researchers, both academic and commercial, interested in theoretical and applied issues related to computers and writing.

The relationship between computers and writing has, over the last few years, taken on a new significance. Not only do computers provide help in conventional writing tasks, they provide new ways of writing, through networking, electronic publishing, and hypertext. The machine may even begin to write itself. As well as researchers, the audience for this book includes teachers and trainees of writers and documenters, technical writers, primary and secondary school teachers. Indeed, anyone with an interest in writing and the writing process.


• Preface
• New technology. New writing. New problems? - (Noel Williams)
• Three Modes of collaborative authoring - (Julian Newman and Rhona Newman)
• Is there a reader in this labyrinth? Notes on reading afternoon - (J.Yellowlees Douglas)
• Narrative computer systems: The dialectics of emotion and formalism - (Peter Bogh Andersoen and Berit Holmqvist)
• A language-sensitive text editor for Dutch - (Gerard Kempen and Theo Vosse)
• Boxweb: A structured outline program for writers - (Peter Wayner)
• An author's cross-referencer - (Harold Thimbleby)
• Text to Hypertext and back again - (Claude Ghaoui, Steven M George, Roy Rada, Martin Beer and Janus Getta)
• Word frequency based indexing and authoring - (Mahmoud Mhashi, Roy Rada, Hafedh Mili, Geeng-Neng You, Akmal Zeb and Antonis Michailidis)
• Text indexing: the problem of significance - (C. Korycinski and AF Newell)
• Factors affecting organisational acceptance of an automated writing aid - (AE Winterbauer)
• Supporting writing with an 'undo' mechanism - (Yiya Yang)
• Internationalisation: the programmre, the user and the writer - (Lindsay F. Marshall)
• Controlled English (CE): from COGRAM to ALCOGRAM - (Dirk Schreurs and Geert Adriaens)
• Action centred manuals or minimalist instruction? Alternative theories for Carroll's minimal manuals - (Stephen W. Draper and Keith Oatley)
• A dictionary view of technical writing - (Agnes Kukulska-Hulme)
• Textbase technology: writing with reusable text - (Richard A. Buchanan)
• A Hypertext-based support aid for writing software documentation - (Gary Born)
• An automated grammar and style checker for writers of simplified English - (James E Hoard, Richard Wojcik and Katherina Holzhauser)
• Ruskin to McRuskin - degrees of interaction - (Steve McGowan)
• Representing writing: external representations and the writing process - (Mike Sharples and Lyn Pemberton)
• The CONST-project: computer instructed writing techniques - (J Beeken, G Geerts and W van Belle)
• 'IV Storybase': using interactive video to develop creative writing skills - (Rosetta McLeod)
• Story building with computers: effects on reading comprehension, vocabulary, attitude and writing - (Deborah Little)

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