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Advances in Connectionist and Neural Computation Theory Vol.2
Volume Two: Analogical Connections
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ISBN 9781567500394
Hardback 504 pages

Published May 1994
Imprint: Ablex

The volumes of this series present research on the computational abilities of connectionist, neural, and "neurally inspired" systems. The series emphasizes the question of how connectionist or neural network models can be made to perform rapid, short-term types of computation that are useful in higher level cognitive processes. The most recent volumes are directed mainly at researchers in connectionism, analogy, metaphor, and case-based reasoning, but are also suitable for graduate courses in those areas..


Volume Two Contents

• Preface
• Introduction
• Integrated Models of Analogical Thinking
• The Copycat Project: A Model of Mental Fluidity and Analogy-Making
• Component Processes in Analogical Transfer: Mapping, Pattern Completion, and Adaptation
• Integrating Analogy with Rules and Explanations
• A Hybrid Model of Continuous Analogical Reasoning
• A Hybrid Model of Reasoning by Analogy
• Similarity and Analogical Mapping
• Similarity, Interactive Activation, and Mapping: An Overview
• Connectionist Implications for Processing Capacity Limitations in Analogies
• Analogical Mapping by Dynamic Binding: Preliminary Investigations
• Spatial Inclusion and Analogy for Set Membership: A Case Study of Analogy at Work
• Author Index
• Subject Index

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