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Digital Design using QuarkXPress 4
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ISBN 9781871516760
Paperback 192 pages
Published May 1997
Imprint: Intellect
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The authors approach the subject of teaching QuarkXPress from all the necessary directions. 

Digital Design using QuarkXPress 4 gives you the ability to fully understand QuarkXPress, while developing a knowledge of the rules of design and how computers can exploit them. Students with non-visual backgrounds can rapidly improve, producing worthy examples of pages that integrate text and image. Knowledge gives you choices.

Learning software enables you to lay out a page but not to design one. So this does not take the reader through a series of steps reproducing designed pages - that teaches you nothing. Instead, the authors provide an objective understanding of what makes your designs work.

This book addresses the fundamentals of traditional design and how it compares in the digital age. It attempts to bring these two processes together by analysing what was good practice before page make-up software and how it applies to working digitally.

The first part of this book will teach you how to use QuarkXPress 4 as a design tool. What you create with that knowledge is entirely up to you. Once you have grasped a function of the software use your own text and image files to practice. By doing so you place learning into context; only you know what you wish to achieve.

The final chapters will equip you with a foundation of knowledge which will allow you to self-learn and develop appropriate design skills by understanding what to look for, as opposed to being shown examples of clever designs which at an early stage you could reproduce only by step-by-step copying without knowing why.

Chapter titles
Chapter 1: 'You, Intuition and the QuarkXPress Interface'
Chapter 2: 'Using QuarkXPress: The Document Layout; The Toolbox; Text; Pictures; Long Documents; Colour; Special Effects; Printing'
Chapter 3: 'You, Design and Working with QuarkXPress'
Chapter 4: 'Structuring a Document'
Chapter 5: 'Using Elements (Items) within a Document'
Chapter 6: 'Using Digital Type with QuarkXPress'
Chapter 7: 'When your Document leaves the Desktop'
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