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The Art and Science of Documentation Management
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ISBN 9781841500720
Paperback 297 pages

Published February 2003
Imprint: Intellect
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As information becomes increasingly accessible through newly-introduced technologies, the human mind seeks a more comprehensive interpretation of the world in which we live. In order to manage this information overload, we must carefully reconsider our attitude towards documentation.

While acknowledging the value of the standard guidebooks' hard rules on documentation management, Tonfoni advocates a new approach that promotes additional skills required for consistent decision-making, such as information sensitivity.

This book has been conceived as a movie on paper, and as such, can be considered a 'documentary on documentation'. Readers are invited to analyse their own reading experience throughout a set of pages, to become 'interactive on paper'; some space is intentionally provided for practice and annotation. Exercises are included to help readers consolidate new skills, through an innovative 'learning by seeing' experience. Since history is based on documentation, every e-mail or memo we write becomes a part of our individual history. This book will be invaluable to those whose careers rest on accuracy, who need to create both succinct and clear reports and presentations.


Author Bio

In summary:  Dr.Prof. Graziella Tonfoni, Author (1980-2009) Course Content Founder and Professor of Computational Linguistics (1994-2005) Research Professor in Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies and Programs, for Faculty (1994-2009), also the Founder of Computational Literature and currently: a Distinguished Scientific and Literary Author Researcher actively involved with ongoing Interdisciplinary Programs.

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