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Media Poetry
An International Anthology
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ISBN 9781841500300
Paperback 224 pages

Published October 2007
Imprint: Intellect
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The first international anthology to document a radically new poetry which takes language beyond the confines of the printed page into a non-linear world of digital interactivity and hyperlinkage.

The work of the poets discussed in this book challenges even the innovations of experimental poetics. It embraces new technologies to explore a new syntax made of linear and non-linear animation, hyperlinkage, interactivity, real-time text generation, spatiotemporal discontinuities, self-similarity, synthetic spaces, immateriality, diagrammatic relations, visual tempo, multiple simultaneities, and many other innovative procedures.

This new media poetry, although defined within the field of experimental poetics, departs radically from the avant-garde movements of the first half of the century, and the print-based approaches of the second half. Through an embrace of the vast possibilities made available through new media, the artists in this anthology have become the poetic pioneers for the next millennium.

Chapter titles
'The Interactive Diagram Sentence: Hypertext as a Medium of Thought' - Page 15
Jim Rosenberg
'Quantum Poetics: Six Thoughts' - Page 25
Stephanie Strickland
'From ASCII to Cyberspace: a Trajectory in Digital Poetry' - Page 45
Eduardo Kac
'Unique-reading Poems: a Multimedia Generator' - Page 67
Philippe Bootz
'Interactive Poems' - Page 77
Orit Kruglanski
'We Have Not Understood Descartes' - Page 85
André Vallias
'Virtual Poetry' - Page 91
Ladislao Pablo Györi
'Nomadic Poems' - Page 97
Giselle Beiguelman
'Beyond Codexspace: Potentialities of Literary Cybertext - Page 105
John Cayley
'Holopoetry' - Page 129
Eduardo Kac
'Recombinant Poetics' - Page 157
Bill Seaman
'Videopoetry' - Page 175
E. M. de Melo e Castro
'Language-based Videotapes & Audio Videotapes' - Page 185
Richard Kostelanetz
'Bipoetry' - Page 191
Eduardo Kac
'Media Poetry – Theories and Strategies' - Page 199
Eric Vos
'Poetic Machinations' - Page 213
Philippe Bootz
'Digital Poetics or On The Evolution of Experimental Media Poetry' - Page 229
Friedrich W. Block
'Reflections on the Perception of Generative and Interactive Hypermedia Works' - Page 245
Jean-Pierre Balpe
'Screening a Digital Visual Poetics' - Page 251
Brian Lennon
'It makes an excellent text for graduate programs in digital media and has the potential of shaping the current vision of media poetry as well as other genres of literature produced for and by computing devices and influencing the larger field of media art by raising awareness of electronic literature.' – Dene Grigar, Consciousness, Literature and the Arts

'I find these papers by media poets fascinating to read because they are so explicit about the epistemic change (social change in discursive formations) instantiated in their work. The poets are acutely conscious of what they are doing and why. ' – Rosemary Huisman Associate Professor, The University of Sydney

'Media Poetry is a news-broadcast from an international gathering of digital poets [...]. We can hope that Kac will, in decades hence, continue to use his experience and expertise as an artist and researcher to issue additional volumes.' – Chris Funkhouser, Project Muse

'A glimpse into a moment of time filled with wildly diverse, rapidly changing practices.' – Jay Murphy, Afterimage

'Kac's anthology displays a range of approaches toward literacy dynamism in Europe and the Americas across four decades. ' – Chris Funkhouser, Electronic Book Review

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