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Hypertext: State of the Art
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ISBN 9781871516081
Hardback 288 pages

Published May 1990
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Ray McAleese and Catherine Green

This collection of papers is organized into four sections: navigation and browsing, learning, prototyping, and design issues. Each section of the book has a brief introduction and overview. The introduction serves as a brief "advance organizer" with key questions to consider.


PART ONE: Navigating and browsing
• What do readers do to pop-ups and pop-ups do to readers
• A comparison of linear and hypertext formats in information retrieval
• Getting to known locations in a hypertext
• Intelligent navigation for semi structured hypertext documents
• Creating and viewing the Elastic Charles: a hypermedia journal
• A hypertext system with controlled hype
• Two field studies of hypermedia usability
• Navigation in hypertext: Structural cues and mental maps
• An empirical comparison of two navigation systems for two hypertexts

PART TWO: Hypertext and learning
• Hypertext documents for the learning of procedures
• Using hypertext for educational "help" facilities
• Learning styles in a nonlinear training environment
• Signposts for conceptual orientation: some requirements for learning from hypertext
• An examination of hypertext as an authoring tool in art and design education
• Hypertext meets interactive fiction: new vistas in creative writing
• Semantic network elicitation: tools for structuring hypertext

PART THREE: Prototypes
• On the design of a frame-based hypermedia system
• Towards the third generation: the case for (IKBH) intelligent knowledge based hypermedia environments
• CASE: a case analysis support environment
• Creating multimedia documents: hypertext processing
• A hypertext approach to browsing and documenting software
• Separating hypertext content from structure in Trellis
• Hypertext as a programming environment for the authoring and production of interactive videodisc training packages

PART FOUR: Designing hypertext and hypertext and design
• AI methods for structuring hypertext information
• Querying am object-oriented hypermedia system
• Interacting with hypertext: functional simplicity without conversational competence
• Hypermedia as a communication design software support
• User centered hypertext design: the application of HCI design principles and guidelines
• The designers notepad - a hypertext system tailored for design

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