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The Search for Mind (HB)
Second Edition
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ISBN 9781841500690
Hardback 384 pages

Published November 2001
Imprint: Intellect
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The degree to which cognitive science as currently conceived can aspire to be the science of mind is a difficult issue. Proposing anintegrated approach to cognitive science, this revised edition of The Search For Mind has been updated to meet the newest developments of this rapidly changing field.

The first part of this book constitutes clear introductions to the disciplines that traditionally are seen to constitute cognitive science (namely: Philosophy, Psychology, Linguistics, Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence and Ethnology).
The second section focuses on the nature of symbol systems, considered generically, and goes on to detail a theory of consciousness and selfhood. The two strands are woven together into a new theory of cognition and its development. Ó Nualláin concludes that a science that fully attempts to treat cognition must remain au fait with the findings from all other approaches to the study of mind, from the purely behaviorist to the purely experiential.
Chapter titles
Page 2
Part 1 - The Constituent Disciplines of Cognitive Science - Philosophical Epistemology
Page 11
Page 54
Page 101
Page 149
Artificial Intelligence
Page 187
Ethology and Ethnoscience
Page 221
Part 2 - A New Foundation for Cognitive Science - Symbol Systems
Page 232
Consciousness and Selfhood
Cognitive Science and the Search for Mind
Page 266
'These are extremely provocative and important theses. They address the foundations of the field and the presuppositional framework that is ubiquitously taken for granted in Cognitive Science and in its related disciplines.' – Mark Bickhard, Minds and Machines, Vol 17 No.1

'The emerging science of Consciousness needs to pay attention to this voice in order to keep alive the hope of humanizing modern science.' – Jacob Needleman, Professor of Philosophy, San Francisco State University

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