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Mathematical Intelligent Learning Environments
Out of Print
Price £16, $21.50
ISBN 9781871516296
Paperback 288 pages
Published May 1993
Imprint: Intellect
Books by Hyacinth Nwana

The Mathematical Intelligent Educational Environments considered here provide methods on how ILE systems are developed. The book looks at the most recent developments in Intelligent Learning Environments for the domain, and groups together the most recent work.


Section 1: Overview
• Mathematical Intelligent Learning Environments
• Mathematical Learning Environments: A French Viewpoint

Section 2: Techniques
• Building the expert module for ITSs in mathematics: a general reasoning apparatus
• Some techniques for building mathematical intelligent tutoring systems
• The anatomy of FITS: a mathematic tutor
• Student modelling using plan recognition

Section 3: Cognitive Word Problem-Learning Environments
• From natural language to mathematical representations: a model of mathematical reasoning
• An experimental instructional tool for developing metacognitive awareness in a problem-solving context
• A simple learning environment improves mathematical reasoning

Section 4: Empirical Investigations
• A diagnostic knowledge-based system for fractions
• Using coca to build an intelligent tutoring system in simple algebra
• Student activity in an intelligent learning environment

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