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Forms of Representation
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ISBN 9781871516340
Paperback 208 pages

Published May 1996
Imprint: Intellect
Books by Donald Peterson

Edited by Donald Peterson
Despite their importance, Forms of Representation (FOR) have been generally under investigated. Therefore, as the first book devoted to the theme, it will be welcomed by researchers in the fields of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence in particular and psychology and philosophy in general.

The book looks at the influence on understanding, insight, expertise and the advance of knowledge of the forms of representation we use. Some of the important questions the authors address include: Is there any such thing as raw (FOR-free) data? Can FORs be complete or are they always limited? If they are limited, do we then have pluralism, i.e. the whole truth needs more than one FOR? If we have pluralism, do we have relativism? If we are not relativists, i.e. we think one FOR is not as good as another, by what criteria do we evaluate a FOR? Contents

• Alternative representations of instructional material.
• Problem solving and learning with diagrammatic representations in physics.
• Multiple knowledge representation: maps and aeronautical navigation
• Representation and geometrical methods of problem solving
• The projection of semantic onto syntactic structures.
• Representations for changing one's mind.
• Towards a general theory of representations
• Internal representations and external notations: a developed perspective
• Re-presenting representation
• Redescription, information and access.
• Representation and interpretation in quantum physics.
• Alternative representations and the Complementarity model of mind-brain
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