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African Theatre for Development
Art for self-determination
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ISBN 9781871516777
Paperback 192 pages

Published May 1998
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Kamal Salhi

This book acts as a forum for investigating how African theatre works and what its place is in contemporary postmodern society. It provides the subject with a degree of detail unmatched in previous books, reflecting a new approach to the study of the performing arts in this region.

The collection:

• reveals the dynamic position of the arts and culture in post-independent countries as well as changes in influences and audiences,
• shows African theatre to be about aesthetics and rituals, the sociological and the political, the anthropological and the historical,
• it examines theatre's role as a performing art throughout the continent, representing ethnic identities and defining intercultural relationships,
• investigates African theatre's capacity to combine contemporary cultural issues into the whole artistic fabric of performing arts,
• the title also considers the variety of voices, forms and practices through which contemporary African intellectual circles are negotiating the forces of tradition and modernity.

The book provides an opportunity to discover contemporary material from experts, critics and artists from across the world. The contributions are in a language and style that allow them to be read either as aids to formal study or as elements of discussion to interest the general reader.


• Neither 'Fixed Masterpiece' nor 'Popular Distraction': voice, transformation and encounter in Theatre for Development - Frances Harding
• Product or Process: Theatre for Development in Africa - Osita Okagbu
• Didactic Showmen: Theatre for Development in Contemporary South Africa - Page Laws
• Post-Colonial Theatre for Development in Algeria: Kateb Yacine's early experience - Kamal Salhi
• Uses and Abuses of Theatre for Development: political struggle and development theatre in the Ethiopia - Eritrea war - Jane Plastow
• Satires in Theatre for Development Practice in Tanzania - Juma Adamu Bakari
• Popular Theatre and Development Communication in West Africa: paradigms, processes and prospects - Bala A. Musa
• Werewere Liking and the Development of Ritual Theatre in Cameroon: towards a new feminine theatre for Africa - Valerie Orlando
• Women Playwrights and Performers respond to the project of development - Laura Box

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