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From Sumer to Jerusalem
The Forbidden Hypothesis
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ISBN 9781871516425
Hardback 132 pages
Published May 1993
Imprint: Intellect
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Tradition says that the Jews are part of the Arab family of nations, but this is now disputed. Archaeology has revealed a very early civilisation in the land known as Sumer in southern Mesopotamia, now southern Iraq, and this beatifully illustrated book argues that the Jews are not semitic at all but the descendants of this culture, the earliest civilisation in recorded history. Indeed, some Jewish practices hitherto considered to be entirely religious can now almost certainly be explained as strategy for national survival after the destruction of the original homeland.

Chapter titles
Page 9
Chapter 1: 'Glimpses of the Sumerians and Their Land'
Page 13
Chapter 2: 'Glimpses of the Way they Lives'
Page 33
Chapter 3: 'The End of Sumer'
Page 69
Chapter 4: 'The Hebrews and the Sumerians'
Page 79
Chapter 5: 'An Outline History of Sumer in the Bible'
Page 89
Chapter 6: 'The Strategy for Survival'
Page 95
Chapter 7: 'Summary'
Page 104
Chapter 8: 'Reflections'
Page 110
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