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Computers and Typography
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ISBN 9781871516234
Paperback 208 pages

Published May 1993
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Rosemary Sassoon
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Computers and Typography bridges the gap between those in the field of computers and those concerned with typography. It sets out to raise awareness of the importance of letterforms and layout.

The separate chapters, written by international specialists in their field, stress that the lessons learned in five centuries of printing are still relevant today, and should not be ignored. This is a valuable resource for all concerned with design and teaching, and everyone whose work involves text.

Chapter titles
Part 1: Spacing and Layout, Chapter 1: 'Introduction to Text Massage'
Gunnlaugur Briem
Chapter 2: 'The layout of computer-based text'
James Hartley
Chaper 3: 'Presentation rules and rules of composition in the formatting of complex text'
Richard Southall
Part 2: Typographic Choices - Latin and other alphabets, Chapter 4: 'Digital hebrew in a monolingual world'
Ari Davidow
Chapter 5: 'Spoiled for choice'
Elwyn and Michael Blacker
Part 3: Technical Issues in Type Design, Chapter 6: 'Some aspects of the effect of technology on type design'
Mike Daines
Chaper 7: 'Character description techniques in type manufacture'
Richard Southall
Part 4: Lessons to be learned from the history of Typography, Chapter 8: 'Education in the making and shaping of written words'
Fernand Baudin
Chapter 9: 'A typographer by any other name'
Alan Marshall
Part 5 - Research and the Perception of Type, Chapter 10: 'Through the eyes of a child & en dash; perception and type design'
Rosemary Sassoon
Chapter 11: 'The visual analysis of pages of text'
Roger Watt
'Make no mistake a genuine revolution is taking place. The voices recorded in this volume are its protagonists and witnesses. ' – Douglas Williamson, Logos

'There is so little available [literature] that deals with type design…in conjunction with computers. Sassoon's book is one answer to this. ' – R. Johnson, Writing & Computers

'An exceptionally wide range of articles discussing the impact of computers on typography. I recommend it to all who want an accessible introduction to the issues involved.' – Ewan Clayton,The Scribe

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