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Computers and Typography: Volume 2 (PB)
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Price £15, $21.50
ISBN 9781841508481
Paperback 158 pages

Published March 2003
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Rosemary Sassoon
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This second volume of Computers and Typography reflects new developments in this rapidly-changing field. This book complements, without in any way supplanting, Volume 1 through an extensive elaboration of issues that were considered only briefly the first volume.

Its aim is to alert those involved in computer interface design that the skills of layout, spacing and usage of type are equally vital in the constuction of onscreen layouts as they are on the printed page.

This book will be of great value to all concerned in education, training, design, and typography. 

Chapter titles
Part 1: Issues Involved in the Design of Web Sites, Chapter 1: 'How to Arrange Text on Web Pages'
Gunnlaugur Briem
Chapter 2: 'Computer Screens are not like Paper: Typography on the Web'
Ari Davidow
Part 2: Non-Latin Typography, Chapter 3: 'Non-Latin Typesetting in the Digital Age'
Fiona Ross
Chapter 4: 'English, Japanese and the Computer'
Eiichi Kono
Part 3: Changes in Work Practices, Chapter 5: 'Book Design'
Ian Mackenzie-Kerr
Chapter 6: 'Slouching Toward Cyberspace: The Place of the Lettering Arts in a Digital Era'
David Levy
Chapter 7: 'Changes in the Relationship between Printer and Designer: Craft Before, During and After Graphic Design'
David Jury
Part 4: Letterforms and the Computer, Chapter 8: 'Hand, Eye and Mind: A Design Trinity'
Michael Harvey
Chapter 9: 'Meatfont in the Rockies: The Colorado Typemaking Project'
Richard Southall
Part 5: Typography and Educational Software, Chapter 10: 'The Design of Educational Software'
Rosemary Sassoon
Chapter 11: 'Learning by Design: The Role of Design in Facilitating Learning'
Roger Dickinson
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