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The Art and Science of Handwriting (HB)
Out of Print
Price £19.905, $40
ISBN 9781871516333
Hardback 192 pages
Published May 1993
Imprint: Intellect
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This book reflects the various facets of the author's lifetime of work in letterforms. The collection of papers and articles, linked by a commentary on a decade in handwriting studies, shows how the educational and medical aspects of her work could not have taken place without a lengthy grounding in lettering. A book for teachers and those who train teachers, as well as therapists and psychologists.

Chapter 1: 'An Introduction to Letterforms'

Chapter 2: 'The Hand that Writes'

Chapter 3: 'Variability of Letters'

Chapter 4: 'More about Personal Letters'

Chapter 5: 'Children's Signatures'

Chapter 6: 'An Investigation into Writer's Cramp'

Chapter 7: 'Writer's Cramp: A Case Study'

Chapter 8: 'How Much Do We Know about Handwriting?'

Chapter 9: 'Education and Curriculum Planning'

Chapter 10: 'The National Curriculum'

Chapter 11: 'The Therapeutic Aspects of Handwriting'

Chapter 12: 'Full Circle'

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