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The Acquisition of a Second Writing System
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ISBN 9781871516432
Paperback 160 pages
Published May 1995
Imprint: Ablex
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This book is concerned with writing systems in a multicultural context. The field of English as a second language is well researched and documented, but the equally important subject of how to acquire the Latin alphabet as a second writing system, or how to alter from any particular writing system to another, has seldom been considered. This book provides an analytical approach to this subject.

This book starts with a system for comparing the rules of writing systems and leads to practical help for teachers and students. Examples of many of the world's writing systems are used to pin-point areas of possible difficulty, and the subject is expanded to cross-cultural typography and computers.

This is a book for language teachers and students around the world, from primary school to university level. It also has value for anyone interested in handwriting, or cross-cultural issues in the widest sense.


Chapter 1: 'An Introduction to Writing Systems'

Chapter 2: 'Comparing the Rules of Writing Systems

Chapter 3: 'Observations or Statistics: Which Help us Most?'

Chapter 4: 'Writing Materials and Writing Posture'

Chapter 5: 'Assessment'

Chapter 6: 'Handwriting Models and Teaching Techniques'

Chapter 7: 'Handwriting and Personality'

Chapter 8: 'Handwriting, Society and Politics'

Chapter 9: 'Typography and Handwriting'

Chapter 10: 'Computers and Handwriting'

'This fascinating book should be compulsory reading for all teachers and people who need to have insight into how it feels to be faced with the traditional arrogance and insensitivity of Western culture. ' – Times Higher Educational Supplement

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