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Signs, Symbols and Icons
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ISBN 9781871516739
Paperback 208 pages
Published May 1995
Imprint: Intellect
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The two parts of this book examine how iconic communication developed historically and is continuing to do so in this age of digital information. The first part gives a comprehensive overview of the uses that evolved throughout the centuries, from the earliest known symbols and icons. The second part looks to the future and the effects of the computer on icons and symbol systems. The role of designers is discussed, stressing the need for them to collaborate with practitioners and consider multicultural aspects, in an ever-changing situation.

Part One: The History of Non-Verbal Scripts
Chapter 1: 'A history of symbols and iconography'

Chapter 2: 'Iconography and writing'

Chapter 3: 'Iconography in calligraphy, religion and art'

Part Two: Iconography in the Computer Age
Chapter 4: 'Extending the subject of iconographies'

Chapter 5: 'Symbols and special needs'

Chapter 6: 'Symbol systems for visually impaired'

Chapter 7: 'A new iconography for deaf signers'

Chapter 8: 'Music notation'

Chapter 9: 'Movement notation'

Chapter 10: 'The way forward'

'Here is a book truly worth adding to the studio bookshelf...a richly illustrated commentary and reference work which can be regarded as almost a manual for designers, computer scientists and others who use icon-based systems.' – Digital Creativity

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