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Consensus Politics in Spain
Insider Perspectives
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ISBN 9781841500348
Paperback 96 pages

Published July 2000
Imprint: Intellect

Edited by Monica Threlfall

A series of fresh insights into the processes that have brought Spanish political reform to its current position through a diverse set of testimonies from Spaniards who have been actively involved in politics within the country. These give a new, and authoritative, set of perspectives on the development of the nation's politics towards consensus after the division under Franco.

This study is constructed along twin themes of consensus building during political transition, and the challenges to the current Constitutional consensus by Basque and Catalan nationalism. It is the first study to include discussion of the economic background of the transition to democracy, which is an issue barely covered in English texts, and to discuss the most recent developments in Basque and Catalan politics which continue to challenge constitutional consensus.

Threlfall brings together fascinating new insights through the varied views of those personally involved in the internal struggles that accompanied it. The volume will be of great value to students and researchers alike as the only source of these individual accounts of Spain's transition to democracy, and analysis of its implications for the Spain of today.

Illustrated with the political cartoons of Peridis and other contemporary cartoonists, this book is based on a series of lectures given by the authors at the London School of Economics.


Contents and Contributors

• Foreword - Professor Paul Preston (London School of Economics)

• Introduction - The Challenge of Consensus Politics in Spain: then and now - Monica Threlfall (Loughborough University)

• Resisting the Dictatorship with Humour - José María Pérez González 'Peridis' (Political Cartoonist, El País)

• Suarez's Transitional Governments: a memoir - Alberto Aza (Senior civil servant and former Head of the Prime Minister's Office)

• Consensus and the Communist Party - Santiago Carrillo (General Secretary of the Spanish Communist Party 1963&endash;1985)

• Economic Policy in the Transition - Juan Antonio Diaz Lopez

• The 1978 Constitution and Basque Challenges - Gregorio Peces-Barba Martinez (Member of the Constitutional Committee of the Congress of Deputies which drafted the new Constitution)

• Consensus and Constitutional Reform: a Catalan view - Miguel Roca (Member of the Constitutuional Committee in representation of Convergencia i Unió)

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